It sounds ridiculous, but many people approach their tribe this way.

Ever land on a website and right on the front page is the buy now button? This may work with some products that people need right away, but when it comes to selling services, that button might as well be a marriage proposal to someone you’ve never met. Services are usually pricey so asking for someone to commit for a service that is likely personal and that includes business because if you are like me you are passionate about what you do.

But before you can pop the big ask, you have to woo them a bit. You have to love on them, show them you are interested, have your first conversation, your first commitment, and learn all about each other. They’ll learn from all the value you will provide and they will learn about you and how you can help them. It’s a give and take relationship – not a forced marriage.

The idea is to warm them up. Show them you know what you are talking about. Make some promises and make good on them to build trust. Say what you are going to do and then do it. Offer value everywhere. Make it easy by opening doors for them and showing them the path you want them to take – AKA build your wooing funnel.

I’ll be talking a lot about funnels coming up, but in the meantime, this is basically what you need to know:

Sales/Marketing/Wooing Funnel

  1. Content on social media and site your audience wants (and maybe even needs)
  2. Offer content on your site and social media your audience wants (and needs) for a sign-up to your list because the money is in the list
  3. More free content via email, social, etc.
  4. Small offer (very inexpensive just to get them to invest a few dollars because then you have them)
  5. More valuable content
  6. Even more – maybe webinars and downloadables
  7. Offer
  8. More valuable content
  9. Bigger offer

So take the time to get to know your audience. Learn what they need and want. Figure out how to present in a way that works for your peeps. Give, give, give, offer. Give, give, give, offer. That’s the momentum – with maybe even some additional gives in there. Afterall, 90% of your content should be give and only 10% should be asking for commitments. We are a society of commitment-phobes – especially when it comes to purchasing services for ourselves.

So don’t pop the question on the first date. Build trust. Woo. Entice. Then go for the big ask.

Need help finding a strategy that works for you? Let’s chat. Contact me.

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Hi, nice to meet you, want to get married?
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