Landing pages are where we host an offer or sign-up. The purpose is to limit the options of what the person can do. It’s a basic, “do you want this offer?”

They are used because they usually offer deeper statistics on the actions on that page and also to improve conversions on sales or email signups. Without the ability to keep surfing around your site, they only have one choice which science is proving is more effective if you want people to take action.

In the below video I explain about landing pages and give you some tips including this image:

If you have questions about creating your own landing page, check out my videos of doing so:

Mailchimp: See the how-to video here.

Mailerlite: See the how-to video here.

Both of these tools are free to start (up to a certain number of contacts before charging) and really easy to use.

Landing Pages: What they are and how to create one free (and easy)
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