I'm Christina and I want to be your business BFF.

I am a coach, writer and marketing mentor for soulful, service-based entrepreneurs looking to find and grow their tribe and business.


I'm a service-provider, just like you. I know it can be a  marketing and sales challenge - especially if marketing or online techy stuff isn't your strength. No worries. Take a breath and relax. I'm here to be your marketing co-conspirator where you can always turn if you are getting turned upside down or just need someone to keep you on track.

My story:

_MG_3867-CI am a ex-corporate marketer. Trying to do it all including a 60 hour work-week was not my idea of fun. I gave it up in order to create better health and balance for myself. I am a certified health coach so I automatically started that when I left my job. I researched, read and then employed. It turns out a lot of what I knew from my previous career was effective in coaching as well - but some wasn't. So I spent 2 years trying out a lot of things for myself and for some of the coaches in my peer groups. I wrote books, used content, freebies, a fancy website (much fancier than this one), and many, many hours of hustling and analyzing.

I learned what worked and what didn't. I figured out what words were good and which were sales-stoppers. More and more my health coach friends or those I know as healers would come to me to ask about marketing strategy , website advice and lead generation.  I admit, in my generous nature, I spent more time helping others than helping myself.

So I did a lot of deep soul-searching to figure out how I could embrace this holistic, authentic space while also using my marketing skills. I looked at what I really loved doing (serving others) and how I could best help create what I wanted to see in the world. I decided to fully focus on growing a team of people to help authentically market heart-centered entrepreneurs so they can feel good about their business without feeling like they are employing slimy sales tactics.

The idea is to focus on finding the tribe of people that are ready to hear what you are sharing, or almost ready. We start with your goals and we create a path that matches what you are looking for in the most effective, yet cost-efficient way. Then we get to work together and move it forward with productivity and accountability.

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Other details in case you want to know more:

**I graduated with a Bachelor in Political Science degree in 2002 just two months after my son was born.**

**I worked in marketing for both non-profit and for profit companies for over 12 years.**

**I am the Marketing Director on the board of WomanWithin.org, the largest international organization of its size.**

**I really feel you can love both dogs and cats - but for completely different characteristics.**us

**I married the best man in the world. Honest. I'll help you look for number 2 if you like.**

**Honesty is always my policy. Under-promise, over-deliver. ALWAYS.**

**I like to travel but I dislike flying for more than 4 hours. 🙁 **

**I'm a certified Health Coach because I wanted to solve my own health issues and pharmaceuticals weren't cutting it. (It worked!)**

**I love to watch people unfold their dream and see it come to fruition.**

**I believe in self-care. I believe it is important to nourish ourselves so we can bring our best selves forward. I want to make marketing stress-free and even enjoyable, so you enjoy your business.**

OMG! We are meant to be!

If you read all the way to here, you want to know me as much as I want to know you! I want to gift you with a free 30 minute marketing strategy! (Psst - this is the only place you'll find this offer so - JACKPOT!!)

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