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We know marketing can be complicated.

We want to make marketing simpler.

We too once braved the digital world as coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs. We know the digital marketing world isn't as clear-cut as it seems. We want to cut all the nonsense and get to the important, client-getting actions.

We're service-providers, just like you. We know that getting seen and booked can be a marketing and sales challenge - especially if marketing or online techy stuff isn't your strength. No worries. Take a breath and relax. We're here to be your marketing co-conspirators where you can always turn if you are getting turned upside down or just need someone to keep you on track.

Our founder is into simple:

_MG_3867-CChristina Smith is an ex-corporate marketer. Trying to do it all including a 60 hour work-week was not her idea of fun. She gave it up in order to create better health and balance for herself and freedom!

She left her full-time position in 2014 to be a health coach. It turns out, a lot of her previous experience in marketing was helping her score clients when her fellow coaches were not. She generously offered help until she realized she could impact more people's health by supporting other coaches in their marketing. She spent 2 years trying out a lot of things for herself and clients with great results. She's written books, hosted masterminds and has changed the game for coaches and healers who work with her.

In 2017, she expanded her team and rebranded under her one true love - keeping life as simple as possible. It's a challenge she believes many entrepreneurs and coaches have -- especially when it comes to marketing.

She's learned what worked and what didn't. She wants to share it with you so you can make a positive impact on those around you while feeling abundant and free. She is fully focused on growing a team of people to help authentically market heart-centered entrepreneurs so they can feel good about their business without feeling like they are employing slimy sales tactics.


The idea is to focus on finding the tribe of people that are ready to hear what you are sharing, or almost ready. We start with your goals and we create a path that matches what you are looking for in the most effective, yet cost-efficient way. Then we get to work together and move it forward with productivity and accountability.

Let's talk about your marketing!

Overwhelmed with marketing or just don't know where to go from here? Let's talk. Let's set up a short call to discuss your dreams and goals in your business and how to get you there.

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Other details in case you want to know more:

**Our mission is to make marketing simpler, and more effective for small businesses, entrepreneurs and service-providers.

**Christina is passionate about personal growth. She is the Marketing Director on the board of WomanWithin.org, the largest international women's organization of its type. She even literally wrote the book on personal growth in "Inviting Shift".**

**We are animal lovers. Not important unless you too are an animal lover, and nevertheless important to us and our fur-babies.**

**Honesty is always our underlying policy.

** Under-promise, over-deliver. ALWAYS.**

**Our WHY is our love of watching people unfold their dream and see it come to fruition. All made easier when we make marketing simpler and more effective**

**We focus on self-growth and leadership, which is why we also focus on self-care. We believe it is important to nourish ourselves so we can bring our best selves forward.

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