Whether you don't know where to start or you want specific pieces of your marketing done, I can accommodate. If you are unsure of what you need, we can have a chat and talk about how I can best serve your marketing needs, whether that is start off with some fundamental marketing needs based on your goals, or coaching you through the first few years of your marketing efforts.

I work specifically with service based entrepreneurs like coaches, healers, practitioners and business-service providers to help them find the tribe that is looking for their services. Selling a skill set or talents can be difficult. I help find the right plan to meet your goals and fill your calendar.


Do you want to learn or hand it over?

(Or maybe a little of both.)

I work with do-it-for-you to do-it-yourself with a little coaching and guidance. I can break big plans down to bite-sized pieces and also do the little pieces or find assistants who can. Here's some of the services I offer, but you can always contact me if there's anything you're not seeing.

Teach it to you – Customized!

Show-Me-How Sessions

There are a lot of tools in marketing – often free tools too! The problem is you are busy and learning a lot of tools by Googling help or searching YouTube could take a lot of precious time – not

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Marketing Mentor & BFF

On-going Strategy & Support

It’s tough being on your own. You don’t have to be. The worse part of being an entrepreneur is often there isn’t anyone to share your ideas with or keep you on track when you have too many. I’d love

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Customized Marketing Strategy

Customized Strategy

You could spend a lot of time devising a plan or I could build one that is aimed at achieving your goals.

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Need a website that represents you?

Websites that Attract

A web presence is essential. It offers your prospects some information, but more importantly, if tells them who you are.

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Build Your Tribe: Generate Leads

Generate Ideal Leads

Nothing is more vital to a business than to get a following and even better - a following who honors your message by allowing you into their email inbox or their social media feed.

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Social Media without the hassle.

Simple Social Media

We all know it's important to be seen in order to grow your following and customers and today, people expect to see you

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Launch in a Package or a la carte

Launching Something New?

You have the perfect product or service ready or soon to be ready - but now what? Do the research and you'll find hundreds of ways to get it out there.

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Blog posts that attract your peeps

Engaging Content & Blogs

Let's face it, not everyone is and even if you are a writer, keeping up with a blog on top of your business work can be exhausting...

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Not sure where to start?

Contact me and we can chat about your marketing needs. We'll talk about your goals and how to get there.

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