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Nothing is more vital to a business than to get a following and even better - a following who honors your message by allowing you into their email inbox or even their social media feed. This is essential since most marketing studies show it takes between 7 and 12 times of seeing a message before someone takes action. If you are a coach or an alternative healer, you probably have run into how long it may be before someone allows themselves the chance to be open to what you offer.


Lead generation is a funnel. An example.

You try to attract as many strangers as possible. You invite them to follow you by offering great social content, or relating to them and their needs. Then one day you hook them with a great ebook or download or video in exchange for an email address. Then you send great content right to their inbox - consistently. Soon when they want to address that problem you can solve, guess who they think of?

This is a funnel. It continues on after purchase because you'll want them to shout your praises and come back again if you can assist.

This is just one version though. There are tons of ways to generate leads. We'll look at what your strengths are - written, video, audio, specialty content, etc. - and look at what you want to invest as far as time and budget and come up with a plan. I can help you follow through, do weekly consulting sessions or have the work done for you - or any of the above.

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