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You have the perfect product or service ready or soon to be ready - but now what?

If you start researching all the ways to get your product out there, you'll find hundreds of opinions and it all boils down to what you want to do and how much time you want to get it done in. I believe in focusing on the 20% that will bring 80% of the business and touching the remainder as there is time - otherwise you might be investing in things that won't make a difference. In today's technical world, there are plenty of tools that can be used for free or inexpensively.

How do you ensure you are maximizing your time and budget?

You get really creative and practical at the same time. Much like everything else when starting your own business, it's a balance of really great information presented in a way that makes people feel good about what they are purchasing.

We focus on ways that you can maximize your budget and time while getting in front of as many of your ideal customers as possible. We'll look at options and zero in on the most effective tactics. This may include lead generation, YouTube video content, offering a free taste of what you offer, email automation, Facebook ads, or tons of other places your tribe hangs out.

Done for you or taught to you.

We can work on the plan together and you can go off, I can do the entire campaign strategy and tasks - or anything in between. It's all up to you and the amount of time you have to focus on your campaign.

Contact me to discuss what you want to launch.

We'll set up a time to chat it out and I'll offer some ideas. All free.

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