We know there are a ton of pieces to marketing and you might even wonder if you'll ever get to clients and practicing. We can get you there!

Whether you are new in business or have the pieces and need a new burst of energy and organization, we have you covered. Our team will take your dreams and goals and create the plan and take the action to get you there.

An assessment to uncover your big dreams and current goals
Marketing strategy that feels good to you and plays to your strengths and goals
Branding you love
An attractive website with a purpose and 8 designed pages
Making social media simpler and more effective with a clear outline
Set up your email sign up and templates for simple, beautiful emails
Building a marketing funnel that brings inbound leads and profits
All the tech how-tos you need to create your marketing success
Plus all the customized templates and tools you need to keep marketing simpler
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refresh & simplify

If you have all the pieces and just need to get them to work.

(a.k.a. I have the pieces & marketing is making me crazy without much pay-off.)

This package is for those of you who have most of the pieces to the puzzle, however, not quite what you want at this time. Maybe you need a little tech help, maybe you need a customized strategy that works for your business, or maybe you just need a little outside inspiration -- either way you'll get accountability and support in getting it all done (or done for you).

This is a review of everything you have with honest, credible feedback from someone who can not only show you where the gaps are, but also show you how to fill them.


  • An assessment and 6 1-1 calls for input and approval
  • All the work done for you: strategy and simplified plan, along with website, social media, email and marketing funnel review and fixes (approximately 4-8 hours per session)

Only $2,999

You can do this program in 3 or 6 months depending on your timeframe and ability to meet regularly either once or twice a month. We'll look at all the pieces you have in your marketing, create a structured plan for bringing it together, implement it and then give you a plan to maintain it - simpler.

There's a payment plan or pay it all upfront and you get a 10% discount.

start simpler

For those who are new to online business or don't know where to start.

(a.k.a. I don't even know where to start & I need to get a solid lift off the ground)

12 sessions

This is for those of you who may have one or two pieces, but not the whole marketing she-bang quite tuned in. Maybe it even creates some anxiety just thinking about it. No worries friend, I am here to help you through it all and make it as simple as following a calendar.

This will be a detailed program and we'll start with the fundamentals of your business and then the tech. We'll design your site together, look at your social media, set up email newsletters and more.


  • An assessment & 12 1-1 calls for input and approval
  • All the work done for you: strategy and simplified plan, along with website, social media, email and marketing funnel review and fixes (approximately 4-8 hours outside work per session)

Only $4,999

You can do this program in 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your ability to meet and discuss. We'll plan your marketing, then do the steps and provide a plan that is simple for you to maintain or have an assistant maintain.

There's payments available or receive a 10% discount for paying upfront.

*Pricing doesn't include the price of technology you may want. I use free tools whenever effective and possible, but business investments like your website are tools you will need to purchase. We are not a website-provider. (But we know how to make them profitable and beautiful.)

Let's see if we're a fit!

Let's connect and talk about your business and how we can make your marketing simpler and more effective.

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Our tribe loves what we've done for them.

"When Christina Smith says yes to working with someone, she means she is on it! My new and improved website is so easy to work with; I am ecstatic. She showed me the tricks and I can update it myself really easily. And she does more than the technical part; Christina asked pointed questions that helped me get clarity on what I wanted out of my website. Because she is also a coach and a marketing specialist she knows how to hold the larger vision, see the smaller details and connect the dots. My website is professional and up and running. Yay!! And even though I have more work to do with the copy, Christina provided a great platform for me to work with. I can take it from here and grow it myself and know she is an email away. Thank you for being so awesome!!!"

-Christel Libiot, Stellar Connections

"Christina has been a real life saver for me! The marketing side of setting up my business was seriously stressing me out... Christina helped me get organized and focused in no-time. She has given my business structure and direction, she's the perfect addition to my creative team. She helps me put all my ideas into practice by showing me practical steps to realizing my goals and dreams for my business. I have been able to focus on my work and she has been handling everything when it comes to marketing and social media strategies. I trust her judgement completely and she's been a wonderful resource when growing my business. Christina is a joy to work with, she listens and understands all my marketing needs and comes up with targeted and specific solutions for my individual needs and wants. I can highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help with all things marketing and social media!"

-Emma Lundwall, Emma Lundwall

Uncertain about a package?

Let's start with an assessment. We'll talk about your business and your dreams and goals. Then you'll receive a customized plan just for you so you can get clear on what you really need.

I want a plan!