As an entrepreneur, or even a VA helping an entrepreneur, one of the most frustrating things can be keeping up with the social media daily. Finding content, then sharing it daily can really cut into your day- especially if you are booked with clients that day or trying to focus on a big project.

Thank those shining stars there is a solution for that. You can schedule them ahead of time! That’s right! Instead of spending a small chunk of time having a daily to-do, I create all my content, images and posts ahead of time one day a month. Then I use tools to schedule it out.

There are plenty of social scheduler tools – many only work for one or two platforms, so you could end up using several if you don’t find one for all. Below in the video, I talk about three tools I use for myself and my clients and are free and easy to use. Hootsuite and Buffer also offer a bunch of platforms so you are probably covered by one of them.

Check out my quick overview.

Have questions about social schedulers? Email me. I’d love to answer your questions.

Social Media Taking Over Your Daily Life?
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