Social media is becoming tougher and tougher to grow. The competition is fierce, but what I have found is most are doing it all wrong.

Now I don’t usually leave a lot of judgements laying around like that, but the truth is many people still treat social media like it is a billboard. They throw up a message and just expect everyone to gather and follow. But that isn’t how Instagram (or any other social platform) works. It’s got SOCIAL in the name for a reason. It’s about interaction – not a monologue.

If you’re with me here and you’re telling me (maybe even out loud), but I respond to every comment on my images and connect with people who connect with me, I want to remind you that no one likes to be in a conversation where everything is about you. It’s a dialogue. It’s connecting to new people – and yes – even initiating contact.

And I don’t mean through bots. Bots don’t bring customers – in fact they can get you banned from Instagram. Instagram is looking for steady growth that is organic. This is the way you’ll get your ideal audience in your followers too – people who may actually buy your services.

Here’s my best tips on being social on Instagram which has in turn helped me  grow my clients’ Instagram accounts.

  1. Find influencers in your area and check out their followers. Start connecting with influencers and their biggest champions (especially if they are your target market.) Don’t know how? Who’s using similar hashtags but has a huge following. Those are likely influencers in your area.
  2. Like and comment on other people’s posts. The more recent the post, the more it boosts them.  You can even do them a solid and add another hashtag to get them tagged in more places.
  3. Follow others and let them know you love their page. Many people who you follow will follow you back, so make them accounts you think would have interest in what you offer.
  4. Collaborate with a others that are trying to grow their business and form a pod where you each ensure your commenting and liking each other’s post to raise them in ranking. Having partners to help, gives a huge boost and is beneficial to all.

Of course, you will grow a bit faster if you advertise on Instagram, but being very social is a huge growth opportunity. You can easily double your following each week at least for the first few thousand, but it does take a little effort and time.

The biggest piece is to be SOCIAL. Be authentic and love on people.

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