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Here's the encouragement to desire more!

More connection to yourself & others...
More peace...
More authenticity...
More meaning...
More self-compassion...
More in life...

When you dream bigger, do you hear an inner voice whisper:

"I should be grateful and happy with what I have."

(even if you are crying on the way to work or not inspired by anything anymore?)

I want women to stop putting limits on what they want their life to look like. You are here to dream big things which gives more permission to other women to dream bigger too. That's how we'll make an impact on the world together. So dream bigger. That's how major shifts happen.


You are worthy of creating your own, authentic journey.

I see you and I want to help.

Feel confident, connected & impactful.

Get into private or small-group coaching to get clarity and the path to feeling good about how you show up. Learn more.

Christina Smith


life coach

That woman who had a great life, and still cried on the way to work, that was me.

I had voices repeating, "you really should just be grateful" and "this is better than you had it growing up so what else do you want?"

It created an inner conflict that resulted in finding nothing exciting about life, persistent anxious thoughts, and external conflict in my relationships... even though I thought I had everything I needed to be happy.

I became a coach to solve my own issues. I knew there had to be a better way to see myself, my relationships, and the world. I knew I wanted to do something more, be more, all while feeling truly authentic and comfortable in my own skin. I found tools - some didn't work so well and some were the keys to unlocking the gifts and inner bad-ass I was hiding.

I know the keys to seeing more, stepping into it, and dreaming even bigger -- without guilt, hustle, or forced gratitude.

I help women who have pretty good lives make them amazing. Like 'worth getting up even earlier in the morning just because you can't wait to dive into the day' good.

Let's talk. Let's see if what I have for you fits.

More about me here.


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