2019 Free Desire Map Intro Sessions!

2019 Free Desire Map Intro Sessions!

That's right! To celebrate my move cross-country and help start my new local tribe, I'm offering free sessions at your place. I'm out to meet as many people as possible to share the ease and flow of The Desire Map and show you how easy it can be to achieve what you truly desire.

Truly holistic choices start with how you feel!

That's the core of The Desire Map. Once you are sparkling clear on how you want to feel, the rest is simple. Making choices, major life decisions, getting through tough times, honoring how awesome you are -- all of it becomes simple, once you know how you want to feel. I want to show you and your clients how with a free session!

Check out the FAQ's for hosting a free session!

What the desire map is:

The Desire Map is a more heart-centered approach to making decisions. Research is coming to the mainstream that it is the heart that creates thoughts, not the other way around. So making decisions from the heart or intuition are truly holistic choices - whether those decisions are around relationships, business, inner connection, or whatever area of your life needs some love.

Is this intro going to offer any value, or is it just a sales pitch?

The intro always offers value! There are options that can be customized for your audience, however, worksheets and actual introspection or a guided visualization will be offered. This is an experiential intro and no further training is needed to get value out of this session. I will mention the bigger sessions, however, once you get to know me, you'll know I am not much of a salesperson. I believe the people who need it will want it.

Why host a free intro?

A free intro session to The Desire Map is just another way you tell your clients you love them and want them to succeed in becoming more aligned with who they are and what they do. The Desire Map is a new way to look at achievements, desire, intuition, and inner wisdom through the heart -- meaning they will be more aligned with their goals, therefore more aligned with reaching them. It's truly a gift to who they are.

I will also be posting the events to my website and social media to give you a little extra exposure and to bring in people who haven't even been to your business. I do a lot of networking so I'll be talking about you throughout Pinal and Maricopa counties.

Can I charge for this free intro?

Of course that's up to you. While I won't ask for a penny for the first intro session. I will put it out there that I am currently raising money for the Maricopa Food Bank (for November & December sessions) so any donation you might want to make to me will end up there. I will not ask your clients directly for donations.

What do I need to provide?

Just the space (with access to bathrooms of course). I will take care of everything else - even pens, worksheets, set-up.

Is there a choice of sessions?

Yes! Any of the following can be customized for your audience, but there are three main sessions that I have put together for an introduction. Depending on time, I can do one or a combination.

Heart-centering Practice: A ritual for those who struggle to stay grounded and centered. This practice will bring you back and give you a visualization you can use in the future. Great for all those family-centered occasions that might bring up some stress and anxiety.

Love & Radiance Mediatation: If you've ever yearned to get back into a loving, radiant, and spiritual space, this meditation will bring you back. With a little journaling and personal introspection, you'll be able to relive the experience again and again.

Soul Limbering Questions: Want to go deeper to uncover what you truly desire? These soul-limbering questions and worksheets will help you expand your desire and name it. Then we look at how you make the desire the journey, goal, and purpose so you are following the whisperings of your inner wisdom. Go deep and find the answers.

Ambition Meets Inner Peace: Have you ever achieved a big goal and it didn't feel like you imagined it would? What if you could plan goals that were always truly aligned with who you are and what you really desire in life? Uncover what you truly want and learn to make goals with soul that feel exactly how you want them to feel -- even along the journey of accomplishing them. Feel your desire now!

How long is the free intro?

I usually suggest that an intro is not less than 50 minutes and they can run up to three hours if we wanted to cover all three session parts above or focus on one deeper. I usually suggest starting with one that is between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Can the session be customized for my audience?

Yes! It certainly will be! I can take direction ahead of time and usually when I start the session I take a read of the participants so that it hits what is most concerning to them. I'm happy to talk about how we could incorporate something specific to your business as well.

Can I schedule more than one?

It depends on my schedule and I'm happy to schedule a variety of sessions as long as I am available. The more the merrier.

What happens after the free session?

That's up to you and your clients. If it is well-received, I'm happy to do more and pay for space or take part of the fee. There are several Desire Map workshops, some including yoga and meditations that can be customized for the audience. I'm flexible and open to seeing how we can work together. If it didn't make a big hit with your clients, there is no obligation to do anything else.

How do I schedule a session?

It's easy! Email me with available times and I will get right back with you with a confirmation and then will send a flyer and some marketing assets in case you want to use them. I will also set up the Facebook event and tag you as a host so you don't even need to do that! You may want to add it to your class schedule, which I cannot do for you. However, I will send all the copy you need.

Email me here.