Give Yourself the Gift of Tapping into Your Own Wisdom!

Free gift pack of 5 visualizations to help you tune in and check in with what's true in your body... where your clarity is.

With this Gift


  • Get out of your head and into your heart (where most of your real answers are)
  • Dream, and then dream bigger so you can unlock what your inner voice wants you to hear
  • See more of what you want in the world so your focus is exactly where it should be
  • Manage uncomfortable feelings that come up in a way that feels gentle and loving
  • Staying focused and aligned on what matters most so you get more of what you want

I help women build authentic confidence so they can finally really like themselves.
It starts with living with intention rather than expectations & hustle.

I specialize in helping women gain clarity that can completely transform how they see themselves and their lives.


Together, we identify what's truly important and find alignment with it, rather than just focusing on surface-level desires.


As we grow older, we gain perspective and small insights that support our transformation towards intentional living.


If you didn't have good role models for self-love, confidence, or achieving your goals without hustling, that's okay - I didn't either.


Let me guide you with perspectives and tools to support your growth, so you don't have to face the same struggles I did.


Be gentle with your humanness.


xoxo, Christina

What others say about these visualizations:

I enjoyed the visualizations the most, finding these to be really powerful and most insightful.
- Kelly

The visualizations were really transforming and eye-opening. It made me understand things at a deeper level then I could have otherwise .
- Helena

This free gift is perfect if:

  • You want to tune in to get some answers so you can move forward
  • You want to focus on what is most important and what you crave most so you can manifest more of it
  • You want to shift without getting stuck by uncomfortable emotions, so you can finally make the changes you crave

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