3 Simple Ways to Thrive This Holiday Season (Or when we’re stressed)

It's December and I hope that you are seeing Magic and Peace and Joy. It's the time of year that brings a lot of nostalgia and new memories being made. It's luscious and full of warm-fuzzy feelings for a lot of us.

It can be full of great memories and not-so-joyful memories, usually, it's a mix of both... along with maybe some bouts of anxiety and stress that holidays get-togethers, gift purchasing, and extra holiday tasks can bring on. I wanted to offer three simple things to remember in order to make your every day this season a little easier.

1. Slow down.

Before rushing, or reacting, take a breath. It's a rare occasion in our lives where acting before fully thinking something out is helpful. Stress can make us rush decisions. Take a breath. Drink some water. Get a snack. Take a moment to slow down.

2. Set intentions.

Setting intentions gives us a moment to really focus on what we are trying to get out of the moment, day, event, etc. When we are clear about our intentions in the moment, we are more prepared and less reactive.

3. Have compassion for yourself.

You have limits to what can be done and we make mistakes. Those two characteristics alone mean that we are not going to be able to do as much as we want as well as we want to do it all. Be kind to yourself. Know that your intentions are what's most important and do the things that bring you the most joy when you can. Take time to care for your body and inner connection.

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