Let’s face it with Facebook Zero (or the blackout or whatever you are calling it), it’s become a lot more challenging to get your page posts seen. While some are now jumping on the Facebook Groups bandwagon, you might consider first finding out what works for your tribe. Whether you want to get attention in a group or a page, you’ll need to know what gets them to engage.

So here are 30 proven ways to get engagement. While not all will work with all audiences, you’ll find these to have a little more punch than just finding a relevant article might be of interest… and hopefully a lot more conversation – since that’s really what it’s all about.

#1 – Trending posts:

Check the trending topics and share one asking for feedback on it. These are not something you want to schedule, but a great impromptu way of getting some engagement.

#2 Standalone, share-worthy graphics

These might be great quotes, interesting facts or just a phenomenal image. Whatever people will share works and images are highly share-worthy.

#3 Real life photos

Instead of filling your entire timeline with stock images, try some you take of your life and work. Personal images get tons more engagement than stock images or crafted ones.

#4 Open-ended comments

Ask for an opinion on something or thoughts on a trending topic or way they get stuff done. Allow for open-ended answers – your people might be thinkers and like the open-ended questions.

#5 Caption this

Put up an image and ask your audience to caption it.

#6 Give your tribe an inside look at your work or life.

Show them snapshots of your life or tell everyday stories and ask them to share theirs.

#7 Ask questions about the industry or standards

If you have specific experts in your group – ask them to show their brilliance – most love to. Ask them a question and be sure to preface it with “No judgement” to set the stage for some safety so people feel welcome to respond and not afraid.

#8 Mad Libs, or just fill-in-the-blanks

I cannot live without ______, I cannot ____________ before I _______________. They are fun and give our brains a little fun break. Try it and see if your tribe agrees.

#9 Current news topics

This can be scary for some people as they don’t like to get political but there is plenty of news to share (good news too if you look for it). Find it and be the one who shares it first.

#10 Ask for engagement

Whether you want likes, shares or comments, just ask for it. Although you don’t want to only post this content, trying asking directly for what you want sometimes and you’d be surprised how often you get it.

#11 Target fans

People who participate and comment want to know that you see them. Make a post honoring them or mentioning them so they know you are watching (plus no doubt Facebook will show it directly to them and then indirectly to their friends too).

#12 Talk about Facebook

You know what Facebook likes? When you talk about Facebook. So mention them and talk about Facebook and see if your post doesn’t get a little more attention. Of course it depends on your tribe too, but try it out and find out. Share this post and see 😉

#13 Every-day holidays

Every day it’s national something day, just check the daily national holiday or international holiday calendars. Lots of fun things to celebrate – share some with your audience.

#14 Recycle your best posts

Look at your best posts in yoru history and ensure you recycle them. Once good content, is twice, thrice and more good content.

#15 Contests and giveaways spark engagement

People love winning or just the chance of it. Try giving away a prize or adding a sweepstakes.

#16 Curated content

Find content from influencers or social pals in your industry. Share and remember to tag them. Many people will return the favor.

#17 Quiz/poll

Ask a question and give some options. Facebook has the option to poll on your page or your group. This is a great way to get feedback, do a little market research or just have something fun to vote on.

#18 Got Jargon – don’t use it

Explain with a picture or a metaphor rather than talking about jargon that people don’t clearly understand or are tired of hearing.

#19 Make a choice

Ask them to make a choice on something. Again you can use this for market research, get feedback or just get some engagement with something fun.

#20 Crowd source some ideas!

Out of ideas on what to post or what to write for your next newsletter? Or curious about what topics they would want a course on? Ask them. Often they will tell you.

#21 Fan content

Make friends with your fans and share their content. You’ll make them bigger champions and they’ll share your stuff more too.

#22 Share other organizations posts

What are the leading organizations for your industry? Post the type of content that speaks to your readers (and it’s not a bad thing if they’ve already seen it – they are actually more likely to engage on something they have seen before and thought about).

#23 Behind the scenes

Tell them what it’s like to be you behind the scenes. You don’t have to unload your problems, but get a little personal by posting a pet or a relaxation image. It isn’t all work for most people – they want to get to know you.

#24 Emotional connection

All marketing is better with emotion. You don’t have to dredge up extreme fear or feel icky, just remind them of what it’s like to struggle with the thing you can help them with and how good it feels when you’ve gotten past the challenge.

#25 Offer value

Offer great tips and valuable bits of information that will inform, help or entertain. Know your goal and give them that.

#26 Shortened posts

In the last few years, the posts that go on for days have become popular. While there are times when a lot of information is necessary, don’t draw them out just to make them long – you also want to get to the point if you expect them to read the entire thing. Shorter posts are actually being seen and engaged with more in 2018. Consider shortening and testing.


Video posts: I know these are often dreaded, so I kept them very light. I am sure I could have come up with 30 video post ideas alone.


#27 Post native video

If you already create video for courses or workshops, chop a bit out of that and post it natively to Facebook. Facebook loves native and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel if you already have something you could give a juicy bit of.

#28 Square videos

Square videos have been found to have a higher engagement. Just saying.

#29 Facebook Live

Ultimately the most seen content on Facebook are live videos. Do a behind the scenes or just give some tips, but try Facebook Live and see how it impacts your engagement.

#30 Videos with captions

Many people don’t listen to video on Facebook, so get captions for a video and see how it impacts your engagement on video. You could even A/B test it with and without captions to see if it’s worth the resources (it probably is).
There you have it! 30 different ideas for posts that will hopefully give you a place to start for ideas. Try out a bunch and see what works. Just remember to spread them out and schedule them so that you aren’t posting them all at once in bunches. Consistency is second to engagement. Pick a number of times to schedule that you can commit to and see how it goes. You can always adjust up or down. The important part is that you will stay consistent.

Share some of your posts with me! Feel free to link to Facebook posts below. I’m happy to visit and give a little engagement.


30 Content Posts for Facebook Engagement
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