3 Steps to Empower Your Relationships


April 10 at 12 pm ET or April 11 at 7 pm ET

Relationships don't have to be an emotional rollercoaster!

Join us for the three most effective ways
to shift your relationships and feel more
empowered in your connections.

After this event, you'll understand:

  • What the biggest relationship struggles are so you can identify yours
  • Why we fall into relationship patterns so you can leave the rollercoaster behind
  • How we detangle from co-dependent behaviors and relationships so we build stronger, feel-good connection
  • Get clear on how to manage conflict so you feel confident about how you get through rough times

BONUS: Downloadable tools so you can empower your relationships... even if the other person doesn't participate.

I'm Christina

Relationships are perhaps the trickiest part of being human. We want to be in connection, and connection can open us up to hurting each other even when we don't intend to.


It would have really helped if I was taught the skills of relationships and connections in school since I was one of the kids who didn't have great role models at home. That's what I want to share with you - THAT CONNECTED, INTIMATE CONNECTIONS ARE POSSIBLE.


If you ever blamed yourself for a relationship conflict or wondered if you're are giving too much or too little, this free workshop is going to allow you to see your relationships in new ways.


Be gentle with your humanness.




This is for you if:

  • You want loving, intimate connections that feel really good
  • You are exhausted of the drama in your relationship(s)
  • You are tired of being the care-taker of your relationship and want more
  • You think it's too late to change the pattern of your relationship
  • You find boundaries and asking for what you want to be hard (we'll simplify it)

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What my clients say:

Kelly now authentically speaks up and her relationship is shifting.

"I am now able to recognize or be more aware of what I'm feeling or needed at the moment and share these with my husband. I am also able to have more honest conversations with my husband, owning that I have a voice and have a choice to share or not share. I believe my husband has also shifted. I can see that he responds more honestly and will call me out on things (which is good) because it's usually a reflection of his triggers, which I had never seen before since he bottles most things inside."

Erica was able to navigate big relationship changes.

"Christina gave me the tools to negotiate moving into my boyfriend's house who lives with and takes care of his mother. Although living with your future mother-in-law is not usually someone’s ultimate dream, the tools we used helped me to draw boundaries and expectations for the move, so that I could feel more comfortable moving there. It turned a huge scary mess into manageable chunks of totally doable actions."

Jamie created major shifts in her relationships.

"I’ve learned to turn within when there is discomfort in my relationships, to be more authentic & own my part of the relationships. It’s created visible shifts in my relationships. I’m able to be with friends without problem-solving and I can speak my boundaries in my marriage to meet my needs."