4 Reasons You Need to Celebrate More

Celebrate: to observe or commemorate with ceremonies or festivities:


The darkest hour of the entire shift happens after we get the a-ha. We think it's all going to be different now that we have this new perspective. Then -smack- challenge after challenge. This is normal. This is when shift hits the hard stuff. It's clarity (a-ha) and then alignment (action).  Right now I want to focuson that a-ha, which isn't usually my norm because I don't like people thinking that the a-ha is the grand finale - it's only the middle.

There is one thing I want to talk about though - celebrating your a-has, wins and accomplishments. We don't do it enough. So before jumping headstrong into the challenges, let's make sure we celebrate what we've experienced, witnessed, shifted when we notice it.

You risked remaining open to your own wisdom and even made some good choices. Now it’s time to CELEBRATE!


All of you that want to skip to the next to-do – slow down already.

Take time to smell the new perspective, see new shades of blue in the sky, feel more ooey gooey feelings and bathe yourself in dance parties and high fives. Savor successes along the journey.  We can’t forget to celebrate our wins or it will all feel like challenges. That’s the difference between thriving and surviving.

Celebrating is about thriving instead of surviving.

There’s a difference between surviving and thriving. I always thought it was about having enough money when I grew up poor, but now I know it’s about attitude. Let’s look at the definitions:

Thriving:  to grow or develop vigorously; flourish:

Survive: to endure or live through (an affliction, adversity, misery, etc.)

Can you feel the difference? Yeah, big difference...

Surviving is always looking forward to some relief. I can’t wait until Friday. If I eat really well all week I’ll look forward to having a cupcake on Saturday. I can’t wait until he gets older. Once I get the promotion, I’ll relax a little…

When we do this, we are using the current moment as a means to some greater end or goal. We are trudging through like the walking dead in the present because our minds are always focused in the future. Sometimes it’s necessary, but usually it isn’t.

Thriving is about enjoying every moment. It’s about more than safety or comfort. Thriving is being curious about life and open to growth of life. Thrivers still have goals and plans, but each step of the journey is led with the same inspiration as achieving the goal. Each piece is treated with care, not just a task list to check off to get to the next milestone.

It’s not about money either. There are survivors and thrivers in every income class of people in our country. There’s actual research that shows if you win the lottery, your happiness level returns to where it was just months later. Money isn’t the source of happiness or even thriving.  It all goes back to whether we see scarcity (surviving) or abundance (thiriving).

Gratitude Marks the Difference

Thriving is about being grateful. When we are grateful for all that we have, we attract more. Remember our focus? If we are focusing on what we are grateful for, our target becomes our reality. We find ourselves seeing more to be grateful for each day. It’s a cycle that feeds our inner good and positivity.

Want to know where you land? Consider this question:

How am I treating this moment?

Am I treating this moment as a means to something greater or am I present and open to what is around me? Am I enjoying the journey to my goals or rushing through all the steps like a checklist?

Thriving is having gratitude for what you have and where you are in this present moment.

Surviving is focusing on a goal or reward and treating the present moment life a challenge to overcome.

Take time to thrive in this stage. Take a moment to celebrate everything you are, have done and how far you’ve come.

Celebrating is about affirming our intuition

Remember how much pressure we put on that inner voice to come through for us? It did and now we want to honor it and celebrate it. Affirming our inner voice allows it to grow and builds our own confidence in following the call.

Pat your inner guide on the back and give her a “way to go!”

Celebrating is about pumping yourself up

Now I don’t want to rain on your parade while we’re celebrating and the truth is, the a-ha only takes us partway to a full shift. There are some tough choices coming up when we put all this clarity into action. It’s going to test your fear and your fortitude.

I say this because the celebration is about feasting and preparing our bodies and minds for the next phase. Part of that is gathering your strength and pumping your confidence. We’ll need it soon so remind yourself often how awesome you are and repeat your ‘I got it’ phrase to yourself often. This is a win and you made it happen.

Celebrating is about gathering your support

This is a time to strengthen your connections now that you’re out of hiding. You’re going to need support in the future for accountability or just a shoulder to lean on when the choices get tough.

Ask anyone who has done something they said they couldn’t and 9 times out of 10 they will tell you that support was essential. Let at least one person follow the journey with you to champion you and remind you how awesome you are when it’s feels challenging. If you ask while you’re still celebrating, they’ll feel like they were in from the beginning with you.

Gather your tribe. Life is easier when a village is behind you.


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