If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, managing the budget can be tough. Luckily, there are more free tools than every before and most of them have all the tools you need.

free-tools-squaredI work with businesses on a budget so I model spending your investment wisely, not on products and services that don’t make you money. You’ll have to check out these tools for yourself, and there’s nothing to lost since they are free.

From communications to graphics, there’s free tools for everything.

1. Organize and Share BIG ideas

Google Drive is the free cloud-based program that can host any type of document and you can even share it with peers, team-members or clients without worrying if the attachment is too big. You can simply send a link or an invite and they will have access to a file or a folder.

2. Want to try out a new idea on a website?

WordPress offers free websites, so if you have an idea or just want to get your thoughts out there, it has never been easier or less expensive to start off small.You get a variety of templates and even some great knowledge in the WordPress Academy and help-desk topics.

3. Survey your idea market

There’s nothing more valuable than feedback from your clients. It helps us understand our target market and well, market to them better. You can poll your customers for free with SurveyMonkey. You can even add it to your Facebook page.

With SurveyMonkey, you design a survey with up to 10 questions (free version) with a huge range of question styles and a library of common questions to help you out.

4. Professional email blasts

If you try sending out a lot of emails through your normal email address, you’ll start to be listed as a spammer and even your important messages will slip away. Using a professional system ensures you are following the legal parameters and it also looks more official and business-like. You can start with a free MailChimp account. Beautful templates for a variety of emails too. (Free for up to a 500 email address list.)

5. Control your social media

Social media is great because it is free, however, it can suck a lot of your time up if you aren’t focused. Instead of stopping to post to your social media everyday, you can schedule it ahead of time with a ton of tools. My two favorite are Hootsuite and Buffer because both offer easy to use schedulers while offering really basic insight. Schedule it and forget it.

6. Check your online performance

Google Analytics is a free way to measure your site’s performance. You have to own a domain name in order to have analytics, but if you do it’s free.

7. Royalty-free images

There’s a bunch of places for free-use images on the web, but my suggestion is Pixabay.com for the most variety of fantastic shots. You don’t have to be a photographer to get great looking graphics without challenging copyright issues.

8. Make stunning graphics free

You see fantastic images everywhere – but you aren’t a designer. What can you do? You can design them yourself! Canva.com and Picmonkey.com are excellent sites to do just that. You can add text, get ideas and download all completely free if you supply your own images (free from tip #7).

9. Virtual Communication

Whether you work with a virtual assistant, or virtual teams, it’s important to have that face-to-face contact. With so many free live-streaming and communication tools, it’s easy to do it free. Skype is probably the most widely used method and can accommodate a small group of people. There are many others as well, but Skype is the most widely used for small face-to-face communications.

Zoom is a great tool for meeting with groups as well. There is a free trial, but it only allows 40 minute calls. If you have a short team check-in every day this tool may help or be worth the $14.95/month for the record feature and unlimited time.

What tools do you need? There are more frugal tools I can suggest depending on what you are looking for. Just check in with me.

9 Free Tools I Use Every Day
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