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The feel-good gifts everyone needs, including you.

If you know me personally, I don't buy a lot of things and I'm not a huge fan-girl of things, but the products below have my seal of approval. In transparency - because it's important to me - I receive a little kickback if you go to the site through the below links and purchase something. However, I could try to sell you a lot of things and would never suggest something that I didn't stand 100% behind and use myself. These are the tools and gifts I give myself.

Need community, rituals, spiritual queues? Heart-Centered is for you.

Each month, the portal opens for one week when you can join Danielle LaPorte and a community of people looking to live more from the heart... in a way that feels good. There's a monthly focus.

Learn more here.

The 2021 Planner with Year-Round Inspiration.

Get a planner with a program to manifest and achieve the most heart-centered, soulful goals you ever crafted.

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Get a little wisdom or give a little wisdom.

TruthBombs are the cards to get you inspired, directed and motivated. Give them, use them, it's up to you.

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Get The Desire Map book, workbook and other tools.

Want to go it solo? Get the book, workbook and go through the map on your own.

Get them here.