Anxiety, Ritual and Ceremony

When I was doing podcasts for Inviting Shift, I did this one with one of my favorite humans, Lynn Trotta. She shared with us the magic of reducing our anxiety by including more ritual and ceremony in our lives. Whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual or none of the above, I think you’ll find ritual can be included in what you already do – without even changing your daily schedule or a committed amount of time.

What you’ll learn in less than 30 minutes:

  • What a cultural orphan is
  • How ritual and ceremony can change the anxiety we experience
  • How to include ritual in your everyday – without scheduling or adding to your list
  • The importance of ceremony in our lives
  • How to create a ceremony for yourself

Listen in!


About Lynn:

Lynn Trotta is a naturalist, certified life-coach, celebrant,  Archetype junkie, and facilitator of rites of passage for women.  She loves to play with people where the wild things are, because if you stay long enough, you’ll fall in love with the magic of the planet and yourself.

The boring bits… After getting a degree in Biology, she dove head first into studying mentoring and cultural repair with a variety of teachers and elders. Lynn said good-bye to the usual career path and co-founded the Sagefire Institute with her husband, Michael, in 2005, and they’ve been leading transformational experiences for children and adults ever since.

Her latest pursuit is one that I am so thrilled to follow. She's helping regular people like us think more about our impact on the planet. If you're someone who gives a sh*t about the world we live in, you really need to follow her at

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