Archetypal Power Circle

Join a small group of women to explore personal power through archetypal energies.

There will be some teaching, some visualizations and lots of conversations and introspection.

You will visualize, shift and empower yourself with the energy of balanced archetypal energies. You'll discover what your archetypal gifts and challenges are so you can see how their energy plays in your life.

Each week we'll:

  • Check-in
  • Talk about one new archetypal energy
  • Experience a visualization for that energy
  • Explore ways to gather our power in each area
  • Check out with intentions
  • Take some exercises with you to try on the energy

The archetypes can help you dive deeper into all the blocks you have. Sitting with this small group will help you uncover more than you could alone. come join us.

We'll learn about: The Queen, The Crone, TheWarrior, The Lover, THe Child, and so much more! I'll even customize a couple to fit the needs of the group. It's going to be a wild, connecting experience. 

We'll see how they show up in our lives, if it is beneficial and how we can use them better. You do not need to know anything about archetypes to join us, and it's ok if you know a lot. We'll try new exercises and you'll uncover more - I promise.


Register for the next live session:

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How many people will be in each session? Will I have time to ask questions?

There's a max of 8 in each class. I do this to ensure everyone has time to check-in, share, and ask questions. If more than 8 want to register, I often open another session.

What happens if I miss a session?

You'll get the visualization and any exercises, but you won't get the conversations we have. This is strictly for confidentiality. Some share vulnerable things so they can uncover more and I don't think it's fair to share that with people who are not present. You can feel safe that I take confidentiality seriously.

Could I sign up and just get the visualizations and exercises?

Absolutely! While I find the conversations to be the best part of the experience because it helps show the application of the knowledge, you can still have the knowledge alone. Or set up a private session package with me. You'll still get them week by week. Choose the second ticket option, and you'll save $30. I will deduct the remaining price from a coaching package if you decide you'd like to add that at any time.

If I have a group of women, could we have our own private session?

Yes. I do private sessions and we could talk about pricing for a private circle or group of women. Email me.

Is this only for women?

For this class, yes. We work with feminine archetypes. I would be open to private sessions for men's group or mixed group if you have one already in mind. Feel free to contact me with specific requests by email.

I feel like I need this but I am currently financially drained. Can you help?

If you really feel you could benefit, I want you to be able to benefit. Email me and we'll chat.

Can I talk to you first to see if this will fit with me?

Absolutely. See my scheduler.