Archetype Programs

Clarify the conflicts within you by looking at all the parts of you.


If you are like most women I know, you have conflicting voices or perspectives in your life… one that tells you that you're on the right path and another shouting to turn back. There are reasons we host this conflict - most simply, because we are human. Famed psychologist, Carl Jung, developed the idea that we have multiple archetypes, or personas, inside of us and they often have different priorities, wants, needs, and challenges. In order to better under the conflict, we can look at the different parts of us in a way our brains can easily relate - by seeing them in their own light (or box).

Inner conflict causes us to:

  • Doubt our own inner wisdom

  • Tear up our self-confidence

  • Feel chaotic and unclear as to what is happening

  • Lose trust in ourselves

  • Put our critic into over-drive and cause more wounds

Imagine if you could:


  • Easily untangle the voices so you knew what part of you wanted what and why...

  • Know which voice to believe...

  • Step into the energy that will serve you when you needed it...

  • Became so familiar with the archetypal energies that you could smoothly shift from one to another...

  • Step back to observe what was going on with your inner wisdom rather than just your emotion...

  • Were able to express your own voice and feel good about standing by your truth...

  • Stop trusting others' opinions and starting listening to your own knowing...

That's how we use Archetypes and personal power skills in my workshops and circles.


We also use them to sharpen our personal power with skills to:

  • Feel unlimited confidence in yourself

  • Make loving boundaries that feel good

  • Untangle our thoughts

  • Connect with our feelings without being crushed by the weight of them

  • Unravel core beliefs

  • Tap into more inner wisdom

  • Rely on your intuition without double guessing yourself





Let's unravel conflict and empower our gifts and abundance.

There are three levels of learning:


Free Power Mini-Workshops Series

Each month there is at least one free workshop to share a new archetype. You'll learn the basics like its gifts, its challenges, and ways we can shift it into more power. We're likely to include a visualization or an exercise as well.


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Go deeper…

3-hour Workshops that teach skills

If you want to use ritual, visualization, and exercises to really tap into the energy of the archetypes, these 3-hour classes are the perfect opportunity. You'll dive deeper into your own inner wisdom.


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Apply & Master

Empowered Feminine Wholeness (6-Month)

Join a small group of women who gather 2x a month to explore how we can use the archetypal energies to manage our challenges, create more self-love, and stand confidently in their power… or what I call magic.


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Want to learn more about the archetypes right now?

You can do that right now on the Inviting Shift Online School for free. Here are a few classes you might be interested in: