Are you seeing clearly?

We think we see clearly. In fact, we do SEE clearly. It's the interpretation and recall that are our biggest issues. Our brains make up details from old thoughts and experiences to cover gaps in our memory. It goes for criminal investigations and it goes for personal growth. Let me explain.

If you are a crime-law-and-order-CSI-documentary watcher like I am, you'll know that witness identification is one of the worse, yet oldest tools in criminal cases. We also know that multiple witnesses can have conflicting information and both swear they are true. Or people can be found innocent through DNA or video even with multiple positive eye witness identifications. What we don't see - or the gaps in detail - we make up to make things connect in our brain.

We do the same thing in our lives as well. We make up why people are acting in a specific way, why we are, why we feel a certain way, why things don't work out for us or why they do. We love to story our feelings and those stories can often be wrong.

Personal growth is the act of looking at our truths and/or perceptions and deepening our vision to see ourselves, our actions, words and emotions - more clearly.

We know that our version of the world has been skewed by our experience which impacted the core beliefs we created which trigger our emotions which we invent stories to back up our core beliefs.

It looks something like this:

Stories - Head Space

Easiest to access

Feelings - Heart Space

Takes some practice

Core Beliefs - Gut Space

Serious personal power work

And together, they make our perception:  What we look for in the world, what we see, what is considered normal (or comprehendible).

So our perception is tricky. We don't see that we're wearing shaded or colored glasses until we grow and see how our stories, feelings, and core beliefs lend to our perception. Ask yourself:

  • What color are your glasses? Rosey-colored glasses? Anxiety-shaded glasses? Numb me down glasses?
  • What experiences have shaped your life?
  • What were the messages you took?
  • How do you use them against yourself today?
  • How does it show up in your adult life… in your relationships… or how you care for yourself? Because, it does.

I'd love to hear your answers - feel free to email me or leave a comment.


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