So you decided to start a business and so you plan what you have to do to get this idea off the ground and you start making your list.
Social media, website, email service, business cards, etc.

These tangible tactics are definitely things that need to be looked at when starting a business, but before all that there are steps that people forget to incorporate. It’s not getting it out there, it’s getting the right thing out there with a marketable presentation – because after all, the point is to make something people will buy.

So how do you present your service or product in a way that people want to buy it?

There’s some fundamental steps you need to take first.


That’s right, I want you to dream big dreams. Don’t think about what you are offering today, think about big 10 year and 20 year goals. What do you want to be doing?

So often people want to build for today and then never get around to tomorrow. Make it easier by really getting your goals together and begin to see your business as an umbrella for the current and the yet to come.

You can also check out this post about finding your why (hint, hint: it’s you’re the reason you are dreaming of what you are dreaming).

Create a mission statement.

The mission statement is going to help you with all of your marketing and even better, it will give you a really clear statement about your vision for the world and how your services or products support that vision. You can learn more about mission statements here.

Define your audience and engage with them.

You need to know who is going to get the most benefit from your offerings. These people will then also tell you what to offer, the format they would like, the type of branding you need and most importantly – what their biggest problems are that you can solve. Hanging out with your idea client will help you start thinking like them and will help you learn how to appeal to them.

Learn to speak about what you do.

So many times, entrepreneurs or service-based professionals who have services that are a little less conventional can struggle to explain what it is that they do. If you ever have to pause before answering “what do you do”, then you need to get clear and get clear pronto. It’s as easy as who, what and how. You can put it all in one neat little sentence. See how here.


Branding isn’t just a big company thing – it’s real. Your colors, fonts, voice, images, and feel make a difference. It’s simple to make your own branding guide too, it doesn’t have to be difficult – but it makes a world of difference. Read more about branding here.

Final thoughts:

These steps will save you a lot of redoing in the long run and will point your business in the direction you want to guide it. It can be easy to get keyed in and focused on the tactics and obvious steps, but having a sturdy foundation is essential to a successful plan.

I’ve seen many people do, redo and go back and scrap websites, social pages and even online stores because their business started leading them instead of the other way around. Stay on the dream by ensuring your plans are built around what you really want out of life.

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Before you get a website or build social media, start here.

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