Being Curious of the Unknown

The unknown is a scary thing.

I talk a lot about this in Inviting Shift under Something Ain't Right. There's a lot of fear for those of us who like to know exactly what point B is, what it looks like, what it will feel like and so much more we imagine with a vision.

Things happen sometimes that turn that whole vision upside-down and boom - we don't know what the future looks like. Whether that is someone dying, a sudden turn in your job situation, or any other quick changes of circumstances that might happen.

And it doesn't have to be bad thing. You could have gotten promoted when you were thinking about leaving the company... or the love of your life shows up and all the plans for yourself shift a little.

The key to getting through big changes, big emotions or just the unknown, is to be curious rather than judgmental.

Our judgments are limited by our experience. If we are curious about the possibilities rather than anxious about our comfort, we'll see the excitement and beauty of redesigning our future vision.

Try this visualization to be more curious.



Questions to journal

Sometimes we forget what we saw, so I'm offering some questions to help you recall all the details. Our wisdom is often in the details.

  • How did you feel before this visualization?
  • How do you feel after?
  • How did it feel to just be?
  • How did it feel to let go of the reaction?
  • What was there to be curious about?
  • How can you allow yourself to be more present and curious in your every day?

What can you be curious about today? What other beautiful possibilities are waiting for you to see them?


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