Ask Your Wounded Child What She Needs

Our Inner Child often shows up when she’s wounded. Let me explain. When we feel powerless, she shows up – probably by default. We know the Wounded Child energy: We sob. We feel out of control. We have a hard time thinking clearly. And the Suffering Spiral of I’m-not enough thoughts. Of course we make Read More

How to Soften into the Heart-Center

One of the hardest things for me being a working mom was traveling home and doing my best to get into a heart-centered, loving space without bringing the work-warrior (and worrier) with me. I admittedly failed often (and still sometimes do since my transition is a matter of steps now). Some of us have a Read More

Celebrating the Crone with a Croning Ceremony

The Crone Archetype is often one that women struggle to connect as easily to as the lovely Maiden or the nurturing Mother. Not a lot of us want to claim the ‘ugly old hag’, however, I want to share with you the original beauty of this word. Crone came from ‘crown’. It is a crowning. Read More

The Wisdom and Gifts of our Crone Archetype

Crone. I say this word and women cringe. Definition: old hag, usually thin and ugly Interestingly enough, when it comes to archetypes, the closest archetype many psychologists relate to the crone in men is the wizard. Wizard sounds a lot more powerful, doesn’t it? No negative connotation, just magical power. I want to change your Read More

The Message Of Inner Conflict

Over the weekend, a friend of mine was making a big decision and she seemed, well, distraught. She said she feels as though no choice was going to be right because every answer seemed to come with a prong of pain or dissatisfaction – to the point where she was in paralyzing anxiety. Sound familiar? Read More