What happens when you see yourself through eyes that love you…

Have you ever asked someone you love, or one of your co-workers or clients how they see you and what you do in the world? It can feel uncomfortable to ask about yourself, but I think it’s almost always worth it if you are open and curious about their perspective. It’s even an act of Read More

Are you seeing clearly?

We think we see clearly. In fact, we do SEE clearly. It’s the interpretation and recall that are our biggest issues. Our brains make up details from old thoughts and experiences to cover gaps in our memory. It goes for criminal investigations and it goes for personal growth. Let me explain. If you are a Read More

Connecting With Gratitude

Gratitude practices are a lot more than listing out things you are grateful for. While that’s definitely a start, the gratitude practices that scientists measure are often a little more detailed than that. So if you haven’t been getting the results or it feels like they have become apathetic, here’s why. First the example with Read More