Tapping into your Intuitive Knowing

You have intuition. Life may have beaten you out of using it, and it still lives there in your gut. We are born with wisdom in our DNA. It’s generations of wisdom built into our cells with the power of our spirit part of us. You know, even when you don’t know. At the center Read More

Being Curious of the Unknown

The unknown is a scary thing. I talk a lot about this in Inviting Shift under Something Ain’t Right. There’s a lot of fear for those of us who like to know exactly what point B is, what it looks like, what it will feel like and so much more we imagine with a vision. Read More

Courage & The Warrior

Courage. It’s the choice we make when we know it’s right, even though it may be the hard. Sometimes when women come to me for coaching, they think I’m going to be able to see them through the feelings to the point where it will feel easy. My program is simple steps, and that doesn’t Read More

3 Simple Ways to Thrive When We’re Stressed

Listen: Or read: STRESS! It’s a word that we jumble a whole bunch of feelings into: overwhelm, anxiousness, burdens, obligated, disappointed, sad, angry, unworthy. We all experience it no matter how great or not great our current situation. The way we handle it is in how we see it. What does stressed mean to you? Read More