Faking it ‘Til You Make It, or Just Wearing Masks?

Listen: Or read: Good advice or lending to the inauthenticity of our mask-loving culture? Fake it ’til you make it. Since the very first time I heard this saying, something inside me cringed and cramped. I have had bouts of depression and people would tell me, “You just have to fake it ’til you make Read More

5 Biggest Fear Myths, Or, Why Fear is Normal & Not in Charge

Fear. It seems like we often cave to it or deny it when we aren’t conscious. We want to shrink from the discomfort of feeling fear. It’s not a comfortable feeling. It’s not supposed to be. If you choose to invite shift in your life, or are seeking to grow in any way, you know Read More

Holding Space for Yourself and Your Feelings On a Bad

Even the most positive, happy-go-lucky people have bad mood days. Today, as I write this, I’m experiencing a wave of failure, disappointment, and sadness. This flood of emotion has become familiar and less harsh with time and curiosity. I used to fear this wave. I believed it would sweep me up and take me away, Read More

The One Word that is Dis-Empowering You

You might think that coaches are beyond ‘triggers’ or emotional reactions. We’re not. In fact, I would even bet that in some instances we have more triggers than the average person because we’ve studied all the ways a person can disempower themselves in everyday actions. Words for example… there are way too many that could Read More

Scarcity and Abundance: Which way do you lean?

From Inviting Shift: One of the biggest factors in determining success, courage and shift is the perception we have between scarcity and abundance. Scarcity: insufficiency or shortness of supply; dearth Abundance: an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply By these definitions, we may think that those who have more are abundant thinkers and those who Read More