Self-Love craves ritual: Here’s why

Ritual helps in all areas of life. When I was a little girl I actually liked going to church — and not Sunday school either… like sit in the pews, sing the songs, kneel, sit, stand, prayer and even sermon. Although organized religion isn’t something I practice, I learned in my 30s how much my Read More

Choosing you: How we choose self-love

#choosingyou For a long time, I thought that if I had just accomplished enough, did things perfect enough, or looked right, I would get big, warm, fuzzy feelings of self-love. I just had to be proud enough of myself and sweep enough of my faults under the rug. In all my talking to people who Read More

Visualization & Ritual for more Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion is one of the keys to self-love. We don’t get to self-love by being hard on ourselves and yet almost every woman I know will tell you they are often hard on themselves. They feel without shaming themselves, they may never get anything done. I’m here to tell you that shaming yourself only makes Read More