Trusting others: Why we don’t & How We can

Listen: Or read: “I just can’t trust people.” “People always let me down.” Trust: to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something Trust is perhaps the hardest thing in relationships. Ever notice “I love you” is so much easier than “I trust you”? Love is one thing, right? But trust… trust is a Read More

The Magic of Curiosity: How being open can shift your life in 4 ways…

Listen: Or read: Judgments. We all have them for very good reason. Judgment is meant to keep us safe. The problem is that we allow judgments to keep us from discomfort too. While that might seem ideal, discomfort is made to help us grow. “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” -Dr. Read More

Visualizing Intention

We judge ourselves often. In fact, we’ll even judge ourselves for things we aren’t responsible for. We take responsibility even when we feel like we did everything right. Why? Because we take responsibile for the outcome, even though the only thing we can control is our intention. Today, I want you to shift your perspective Read More