Self-love: A Daily Ritual

It’s February! Look even if you don’t go for the Valentine’s stuff or are feeling like without a relationship you just want to ignore the giant hearts, it’s still a great month to practice love – just like all the others. And what’s the hardest love for most of us (even harder than finding our Read More

How to Soften into the Heart-Center

One of the hardest things for me being a working mom was traveling home and doing my best to get into a heart-centered, loving space without bringing the work-warrior (and worrier) with me. I admittedly failed often (and still sometimes do since my transition is a matter of steps now). Some of us have a Read More

Celebrating the Crone with a Croning Ceremony

The Crone Archetype is often one that women struggle to connect as easily to as the lovely Maiden or the nurturing Mother. Not a lot of us want to claim the ‘ugly old hag’, however, I want to share with you the original beauty of this word. Crone came from ‘crown’. It is a crowning. Read More

Sit with the Feelings, Not the Stories

Life. it’s beautiful AND it’s hard. Ever notice that some of the greatest things are some of the hardest things? Graduations mean an achievement (ending) and also the beginning of the unknown for many of us.  It’s exciting and scary. Having a baby is the end of one stage of life and the beginning of Read More

The Message Of Inner Conflict

Over the weekend, a friend of mine was making a big decision and she seemed, well, distraught. She said she feels as though no choice was going to be right because every answer seemed to come with a prong of pain or dissatisfaction – to the point where she was in paralyzing anxiety. Sound familiar? Read More

Core Beliefs can be changed. Start with Compassion..

Last week we talked about perception and the trickiness around interpreting how we see what we see. Someone emailed me and asked, “how do I see my perception? It’s not like I can take off my glasses and see what shade I am wearing.” That is so true. As unfortunate as it is that we Read More

Are you seeing clearly?

We think we see clearly. In fact, we do SEE clearly. It’s the interpretation and recall that are our biggest issues. Our brains make up details from old thoughts and experiences to cover gaps in our memory. It goes for criminal investigations and it goes for personal growth. Let me explain. If you are a Read More

Connecting With Gratitude

Gratitude practices are a lot more than listing out things you are grateful for. While that’s definitely a start, the gratitude practices that scientists measure are often a little more detailed than that. So if you haven’t been getting the results or it feels like they have become apathetic, here’s why. First the example with Read More

Falling into the Feminine

Today I want to talk about divine feminine energy. I don’t think I understood it until that last few years and it’s still unfolding for me. I’ve asked myself all kinds of questions about this. I’ve looked at a lot of the judgments I have about feminine energy and why. However, what I’ve experienced in Read More