Self-Love craves ritual: Here’s why

Ritual helps in all areas of life. When I was a little girl I actually liked going to church — and not Sunday school either… like sit in the pews, sing the songs, kneel, sit, stand, prayer and even sermon. Although organized religion isn’t something I practice, I learned in my 30s how much my Read More

Choosing you: How we choose self-love

#choosingyou For a long time, I thought that if I had just accomplished enough, did things perfect enough, or looked right, I would get big, warm, fuzzy feelings of self-love. I just had to be proud enough of myself and sweep enough of my faults under the rug. In all my talking to people who Read More

What is self-love? {Short Video}

I know we want to believe that self-love is just a bunch of warm, fuzzy feelings… But it starts with choice. MY definition: Self-love is a practice of consistently choosing you. #whatisselflove What is self-love in less than 2 minutes…