What Manifesting Means to Me & How We Do It

We can’t control our goal but we can control how we show up to it. For those of you who know me or have been around for a while, you know I side with science. So when I first was told about manifesting, I thought what is this craziness? Are these people telling me I Read More

Letting go of stories with ritual

Listen: Or read: If it’s not data, it’s a story and the stories are what keeps us stuck Whether you are in conflict with yourself or others, the stories are what keeps us stuck. We know stuck. It can look like a lot of things. Some examples you might have experienced yourself are: Getting stuck Read More

Trusting others: Why we don’t & How We can

Listen: Or read: “I just can’t trust people.” “People always let me down.” Trust: to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something Trust is perhaps the hardest thing in relationships. Ever notice “I love you” is so much easier than “I trust you”? Love is one thing, right? But trust… trust is a Read More

5 Ways to Love Yourself When It’s Hard

I know there are times that self-love feels like it’s unreachable. I’ve been there. I’ve just not felt lovable. And I probably had reasons and explanations why it wasn’t possible in the moment. Choosing love for myself just seemed, wrong. I bet you’ve felt it too. Maybe we feel like we made a mistake, we’re Read More

Self-Love craves ritual: Here’s why

Listen: Or read: Ritual helps in all areas of life. When I was a little girl I actually liked going to church — and not Sunday school either… like sit in the pews, sing the songs, kneel, sit, stand, prayer and even sermon. Although organized religion isn’t something I practice, I learned in my 30s Read More

Choosing you: How we choose self-love

Listen: Or read: For a long time, I thought that if I had just accomplished enough, did things perfect enough, or looked right, I would get big, warm, fuzzy feelings of self-love. I just had to be proud enough of myself and sweep enough of my faults under the rug. In all my talking to Read More

What is self-love? {Short Video}

I know we want to believe that self-love is just a bunch of warm, fuzzy feelings… But it starts with choice. MY definition: Self-love is a practice of consistently choosing you. #whatisselflove What is self-love in less than 2 minutes…