Shift the way you relate to yourself & your relationships.

Confident, Connected & Impactful Power Groups & Private Coaching

Trust your inner wisdom and step into your gifts and magic with just me or with a small group of authentic humans.

Give yourself permission to want more. 

**More feeling confident & amazing in your own skin
so that you can stop overthinking and trash-talking yourself.** 

**More clarity on what you actually want
& letting go of your fear & resistance so you can stop playing small.** 


**More loving & intimate relationships
so you can have the connection you crave without feeling needy or naggy.**

**More clarity & moving forward
so you can live the life you want and show up the way you want to.**

Finally, LIKE who you are and show up Confident, Connected & Impactful.

It's time for a shift.

FROM: Anxiousness & disappointment

keeping your brain stuck in negative talk & fear.

TO: Peaceful & trusting feelings

so you are more intentional in your life.

FROM: 'I can't do enough' mindset 

even though you are already completely exhausted.

TO: Clarity about how you want to show up

so you feel good about where you are, what you do, & where you want to go.

FROM: The harsh Inner Critic 

keeping you focused on harsh judgments & perfectionism.

TO: True Confidence 

so you feel good in your skin even when asking for what you want.

FROM: Faking it 'til you make it... (ugh)

which just leaves you feeling inauthentic.

TO: Authentic Self-love 

without feeling guilty or selfish.

FROM: seeking external validation

& people pleasing because it's exhausting and endless.

TO: Real Connection 

to your Higher Self and others that doesn't end in conflict or regret.

How would it feel to have peace, trust, clarity, confidence, self-love, and real connection?

It's worth finding out!

You can shift with the right support!

Support from a coach

that has watched every single one of these shifts happen over and over.




Support from authentic women

 who are working on their journeys and their gifts & magic so you can cheer each other on & make authentic connections.


I want you to AUTHENTICALLY feel amazing about the human being you are… no matter where you are in life or what you think is stopping you.

I believe every woman has the power to be who they want to be if they give themselves permission.

Hi I'm Christina Smith.

It wasn't until my 30s that I realized I was living someone else's life.


I had finally achieved the good-on-paper life. Job. Benefits. Husband. Child. Dog.


And I cried on the way to work. Every. Day.


Which led to: Depression. Anxiety. Overthinking. Drowning in negative self-talk.


I even got physically ill. Hospitals. Doctors. No answers.


I became a health coach just to understand what was happening with my body. I changed physical stuff, but that wasn't making me feel better about myself. I started doing a ton of personal growth -about:


  •   --> childhood trauma
  •   --> building loving, balanced relationships
  •   --> managing my emotions rather than controlling them
  •   --> creating better thought patterns
  •   --> healing my wounds so I could show up as I wanted to
  •   --> being brave enough to step into my confident, empowered woman


I read hundreds of books, connected with thousands of people, received dozens of certifications, and applied what I learned.

What I found were some of the most basic tools that can help us have more compassion for our own humanness, show up as we want to in relationships, and have the courage to desire more.


So you don't have to read all the books or re-invent the wheel.

I've leveled it down to simple steps so you can finally feel good in your skin and show up in the world as you want to - confident, connected, and impactful.


Let's start with an application call and we can see if what you want fits with what I coach. I might even give you some tools in this call so you can get clear and unstuck.

We can make big shifts with gentle movements.

I offer practical, how-to tools so there's no guessing what the next step is or how you put these skills into play. It's all laid out step-by-step so you can finally get the confidence, the connections, and the impact you desire.

Program Overview:

Phase 1: Confidence - How to Show Up for You

Resilience to emotional overload

so that you can have feelings without reacting to them.

Hear the message of the feeling

without getting stuck there

Shift your thoughts & core beliefs

so that you can clarify your truth and let go of the inner critic

Relate to yourself in new ways

so you feel confident about all of you (icky bits & all)

Phase 2: Connections - How You Show Up for your Relationships

Recognizing & breaking our patterns

so you can stop doing the same stupid thing again and again

Whose problem is it anyway?

break co-dependent patterns and get clear on the conflict.

Learn to ask for what you want without guilt

so you feel good about asking for what you need & getting it

Create loving, connecting boundaries

so you feel good about asking for what you need & getting it

Phase 3: Impactful - How you show up in the World

Create a mission with personal meaning

so you can stop doing the same stupid thing again and again

Dream bigger, but from your true self

We'll look at the most authentic part of you -- your desires & passions

Uncover the leader within you already

We'll look at the most authentic part of you -- your desires & passions

How to level up

so you are prepared for the next big version of you

Schedule your application call today!

We'll have a short chat to see if we're a fit! If we are, I'll offer next steps!

What Kelly said about coaching:


"I suddenly heard myself saying, "I really like me. I wish there were more of me to hang out with."


"I've never been excited to be me and now I am."

Are you playing small?

**You keep telling yourself you SHOULD be happy or grateful, and you just aren't feeling that way, you aren't alone. We can get past that resistance.


**If you overthink or experience anxiety in everyday life, you are part of the growing majority of women over 40. We can tame the thoughts and feelings by transforming them to gifts & magic.


**If you either become overwhelmed by emotions or can't seem to connect to them at all, you are not broken. You're just part of millions who haven't learned how to become emotionally agile or resilient and that's not a skill they teach in school.

It's time to step into the empowered woman within you.

Need to get brave like Sharon?


"Those 6 months of learning from and with you and beautiful participants in that group, were absolutely key in my own evolution and stepping into my ‘small b’ ;) brave steps and actions that I’ve taken since." 

How coaching is offered:

Six months of group coaching 

We meet 3 times a month with no more than 4 women so you'll get your own coaching time, guaranteed.

The Confident, Connected, & Impactful Online Portal

which has dozens of visualization, alignments & recordings along with step-by-step worksheets.

Quarterly Client-Focused Workshops

we'll focus on specific topics and have an experiential half-day once a quarter.

Email access anytime

have a late thought? I'll answer quickly (within 24 hours).


& these unbelievable bonuses:

Unlocking Authentic Self-Love Course

You'll get the whole course and you can join us for the next live-run too.

Printed Unlocking Authentic Self-Love Journal

because we love the ready-to-use tangible things.

Need clarity about the future? So did Kaui!


"Coaching gave me a direction. Not just what I could do, but what to focus on."


"After being coached by Christina, I feel like I have a new perspective on old wounds & I can finally heal them and move forward."

Frequently asked questions:

Why a Group?

Women learn from other women. 


We also like to be traveling our journey with multiple supportive people working on similar things. 


Groups make the connection and your focus expand. It's my most popular option.


Of course, if you feel private coaching would be better, schedule a call and we can talk about it.

Is this just about a positive mindset?

Absolutely no. In fact, I think positivity all the time can be toxic, inauthentic and invalidating.


This is about truly embracing all of ourselves as humans -- icky feelings and thoughts and all.


These are real tools you can stake your confidence in and use in the moment. Faking and positivity not required.

What do I need to know?

Not a lot. However, one requirement would be that you are open to others' perspectives. No need to adopt them, just allow space for possibility without judgment.


Otherwise, I'm going to address everything you need to know about being a confident human so that you can show up in the world and in your relationships the way you really want to -- even if you don't know what that looks like yet.

What is in the Portal?

I use the most effective tools I know for allowing ourselves to see new perspectives and move forward gently, with flow. 


Visualizations allow our ego to sleep while we tap into inner wisdom so that you don't get stuck in one way of thinking - or caught up in emotion.


I also believe action and introspection create big shifts so I'll offer questions to open your perspective and alignments to bring them into your body through intention. 


You'll also have videos with teachings and worksheets to go with them so whether you are setting boundaries or just want to see more of your gifts & magic, it's all in the portal with over 100 options of things you could do. 


But don't get overwhelmed, we talk each week and assign specific things for you to try so you don't have to drown in overload.

What is the investment?

We start with 6 months and then most women choose to continue on monthly until they feel complete. 


There is a payment option available if you choose. 


Small-Group Coaching:

4 people maximum

2 hours, 3 x a month

$1776 or 6 payments of $299


Private Coaching:

50 minutes 3 times a month

$2976 or 6 payments of $496



Remember, this is an investment in you. What would you pay to get past these blocks and finally have the clarity you need to show up exactly how you want to?


At least schedule a call to see if and how I can help.

Why Archetypes?

If you've never learned about archetypes before, it might seem a little different or even hard to wrap your head around. 


Archetypes are energies we all understand: Mother energy, Child energy, Warrior energy, etc. They each have gifts and magic for different parts of our lives. 


This program is about intention and how we show up. Archetypes can help us show up in the energy we need in the moment. They help us balance our energy so that it feels good to us... and that's going to be different for each of us. So I can't tell you how to show up, but I can introduce you to the energies so that you can use their best gifts. 


Shorter story: they hold inner wisdom about the conflict within us. 

"I would say my life is completely transformed. I catch the negative messages quickly and I’m overall more conscious about how I am thinking and feeling and why I do what I do. I feel empowered. Things that my higher self, queen and sage said to me transformed me for the better. I reorganize how I do things, how I see things, and how I make decisions. And I’m really prioritizing joy! So 

I am 100 times happier than before 

for sure. I am also 100 times more accepting of myself overall."



A power group will change what you think of coaching.

Power groups are a maximum of 4 women, in a pod that meet 3-4 times a month. 

The benefits of working in a group:

You begin to trust yourself & other women more.

**You get the value of personal coaching time, but you also learn more by witnessing others' work too.

**You find you aren't alone & work through challenges with others, doing similar work.

**Deep, authentic connection to more women.

Love notes from coaching clients:

"Just having a safe space to share.... without judgment and surrounded by other supportive women working on the same things was amazing."


"I have the power to create my own happiness in life while I love myself fully. I matter, Dammit!"


"I'm so glad that I am participating in this group, and as ever appreciative of your facilitation style and all the skills/flair that goes with that, the quality materials and the organization. It's a combination of multiple factors --and I think I can identify many! Not saying that it's easy ;) so the difference is, that it's happening!"


"I feel very comfortable sharing with Christina because she has made it clear that she has gone through her own issues and done a lot of work to be in a better place now. So I see that she understands and is someone I can learn from in a very genuine way. She has done the work herself so that now she can take me through the process with compassion and empathy. "


"I use the tools I've learned from Christina ALL THE TIME. I often don't even know I'm using what I learned until after the situation has passed. The tools I've learned have helped me at work (making me feel much more confident about myself, what I contribute, and where my power lies) and at home (allowing me to be more connected with myself and my husband)."


"Christina is great. She is very clear in her delivery of materials, kind and loving in her guidance, and also very open in her willingness to share. I really appreciate her positive and honest approach. I feel really grounded when listening to her. Thank you, Christina!"


"Christina is an amazing woman. She brings insight and perspective and shares in such a loving way. She, personally, has helped me shift and grow."


"Such simple answers sometimes that hit you to your core and enlighten your surroundings in a way never viewed before."


"Grounded. Informative. Connected. Christina knows how to teach, lead and share. She is an impressive coach."


"Visualizations really help me know myself and work with myself from the inside out and the writing exercises have me asking all things I’ve never asked myself. Christina truly has insight into so much about our worlds inside and what’s going on. The group is great too! It’s powerful to have people to come back to regularly to share our discoveries."


Have a quick question?

Feel free to email me at christina@christina-smith.com!