Coaching Reviews

"Christina teaches people what it means to be human & to embrace it."

"Christina creates a space that isn't about solving problems or judgement which makes this online space feel safe and genuine."


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"I heard myself saying, "I really like me. I wish there were more of me to hang out with."

"I've never been excited to be me and now I am."


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"Coaching gave me a direction. Not what to do, but what to focus on."

"After being coached by Christina, I feel like I have a new perspective on old wounds & I can finally heal them."


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"I would say my life is completely transformed. I catch the negative messages quickly and I’m overall more conscious about how I am thinking and feeling and why I do what I do. I feel empowered. Things that my higher self, queen and sage said to me transformed me for the better. I reorganize how I do things, how I see things, and how I make decisions. And I’m really prioritizing joy! So 

I am 100 times happier than before 

for sure. I am also 100 times more accepting of myself overall."


Christina is excellent.  She has a talent for getting me to dive deeper into who I am, and what my potential is.  

I am much more aware and tuned into bringing kindness and understanding to myself during difficult times.


And more love notes...

Those 6 months of learning from and with you and the beautiful participants in that group, were absolutely key in my own evolution and stepping into my ‘small b’ 😉 brave steps and actions that I’ve taken since.



I feel very comfortable sharing with Christina because she has made it clear that she has gone through her own issues and done a lot of work to be in a better place now. So I see that she understands and is someone I can learn from in a very genuine way. She has done the work herself so that now she can take me through the process with compassion and empathy. 



I liked how comfortable I felt to share and open up with the group and grow. I felt empowered, connected, and best of all supported.



I not only found improvements at work in how I now see my relationship with my boss, the people I work with, but also personally in how I'm creating boundaries that work for me, for changing core beliefs so that I can now ask for what I need/want. I also truly believe that I can trust myself.



It is exactly what I needed to gain a clear vision and direction.



Christina is an amazing woman.  She brings insight and perspective and shares in such a loving way.  She, personally, has helped me shift and grow.



Christina is a really great facilitator. What I appreciate the most is that she makes space for everyone and to be completely honest, even if we fell short of our own goals.



Grounded. Informative. Connected. Christina knows how to teach, lead and share. She is an impressive coach.



Christina is a great facilitator, it's clear that she is passionate about the content and really understands all of the content.  She delivers the content and works with the group in a very strong and clear way. 



I still use what I learned about myself in everyday decision-making! Loved it and found it behind its value in my investment by leaps and bounds



Christina is AMAZING! She's humble and kind and knowledgeable; and I appreciated her wisdom and sense of calm. I learned so much from her.



Such simple answers sometimes hit you to your core and enlighten your surroundings in a way never viewed before.



Christina is a great facilitator. he was able to really help identify and bring to light things that I didn't see within myself as well as shifts that were already happening. It was great feedback for me to hear and get to see that shift for myself.