31 mini-self-care sessions for your heart and soul.

Expanding our Divine Feminine is a visualization journey wto uncover the beautiful, often forgotten parts of our Divine Feminine energy.

Want to tap into these?

Making more intuitive decisions with ease
Creating deeper, more connected relationships
Replacing anxiety with confidence and power
Tapping into the inner wisdom within
Being more present with others and yourself
Trusting yourself in a chaotic world
Feeling confident rather than controlling

That's our Divine Feminine Energy too.

In this 31-day program, you'll have the opportunity to explore your Divine Feminine gifts. You'll have access to all the content forever, but sign up while we do it live and you'll save and have the chance to make specific visualization requests.

Receiving rather than reaching


Trusting rather than forcing


Attracting rather than grasping


Being rather than doing

You get the Daily Visualizations & Rituals

  • 31 Divine Feminine Visualizations: Yes! All 31
  • A short daily ritual to complement the visualization tap into different areas of the Divine Feminine
  • Forever access to all the visualizations so you can use them through the new year.

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  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Seeing your beauty & gifts
  • Subconscious inner wisdom
  • Different feminine archetypal energies
  • Gifts you didn't know you had
  • New feminine perspectives
  • More grace and self-love
  • So much moreā€¦ 31 visualizations in total (and maybe more)

You get the Daily Visualizations & Rituals

Have questions?