Authentic Relationships

An 8-week program to empower your relationships, break the dramatic patterns, end co-dependent behaviors and ask for what you want without feeling guilty or unworthy.

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Relationships are our biggest human challenge.

Relationships can feel complicated, but that's because as humans, we are complicated.


And unfortunately, they don't teach us enough skills in school and sometimes our parents don't have the skills to offer. 

I want to simplify trusting, connected relationships so you:

  • Don't have to wonder if you're in the wrong (AITA?)
  • Can get clear on exactly what you want and how you want to show up for your relationships
  • Break the patterns of your drama (even if it's with your mama)
  • Show you how much POWER you have in your relationship even if the other person ho-hums doing their own work.
  • Finally feel good about the word 'boundaries' and can enforce them without feeling like a b*tch.

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Hi! I'm Christina

And I knew NOTHING about relationships. 


I grew up without a great example myself. I moved a lot so I never even learned how to make friends. My parents didn't thrive in relationships either.


Relationships felt scary because they seemed so filled with drama. As you can imagine, I took this lack of information into my first marriage and things didn't turn out well. It felt like a constant drama rollercoaster.

So in my second marriage, I wanted things to be different. I went to many relationship workshops, weekends, seminars. I read the books. What I learned is that relationships can seem super-complicated, but don't have to be. 


If you are seeking true, intimate connection - whether that is with friends, partners, parents, children or even co-workers, there are some key tools to making relationships smoother and without all the drama. 

You have the power to change your relationships. You just need the support and tools. This is the program for you.

How it happens:

We start live group conversations on April 24!

Small-Group Connections

We'll connect about our new topic. You'll have time to share and the opportunity to be coached.


8 weeks | 90-minute sessions

Tools at Your Fingertips Anytime

You'll have tools that are direct and help you get the clarity you need to empower yourself in your relationships. Access it any time so you can learn when it fits you.

Access to Me Anytime

While you are in the program you'll have access to me via email anytime. You'll have priority over my answers too.


2 Private Coaching Calls included:

We can talk intimately about what you need around whatever you decide -- or just go deeper with an intuitive coaching session. Schedule anytime you like!

30 & 60-day Follow Up Group Calls

I'm not the kind of coach that teaches and then runs off. I want to know the tools are helping and you are staying accountable. We'll do some check-ins see how you are doing. 

Topics Everyone Asked For:

Manifesting Better Relationships

Week 1

We'll look at why we get emotionally hooked in relationships. You'll understand how relationship patterns really work and why they have such a hold on us. 

We'll look at the Lover Archetype.

Unhooking from Co-dependent Behaviors

Week 2

We'll dive deeper into how we break those patterns so we can give ourselves permission to show up exactly how we want to in a relationship and get what we want.

We'll connect with our powerful Adolescent Archetype.

Getting What We Want from Connection

Week 3

In this module, we'll look at how we get what we desire in relationships and how we hold to our own truth without feeling guilty or afraid of asking.

Our Maiden Archetype will dive into a little more maturity.

Problem is it Anyway?

Week 4

If you've ever wondered in a relationship conflict who was at fault, this module will make it clear. The person with the problem has the power. Let's find yours.

The Fool Archetype helps us see what no one else does... see more.

Have Hard Conversations with Confidence

Week 5

If you are afraid of being harsh or fear the reaction of others, saying what you need to say, can be scary. We'll get loving and truthful and feel good about it.

Our Sovereign or Queen Archetype will help us navigate with fairness and love.

Boundaries, or building blocks of trust

Week 6

Feel GOOD about making healthy boundaries. While we may fear them, boundaries are essential to healthy relationships... but they don't have to be scary or demanding.

The Warrior Archetype will help us know what the right boundary is.

Is It

Week 7

In some cases, we really want people to be different than they are -- but do we need them to be? We'll look deeper at the unrepairable and the unchanging before you burn any bridges.

Our Sage Archetype will help us get clear on what truly fits for us.

Our Humanness & Relationship

Week 8

We're human and we're going to make human mistakes. We'll look at how we mend impacts and how we get past others' impacts on us.

The Crone Archetype will help us accept the imperfections of being human.

It's time to learn the skills they didn't teach in school.

How My Clients' Relationships have Changed:

Kelly now authentically speaks up and her relationship is shifting.

"I am now able to recognize or be more aware of what I'm feeling or needed at the moment and share these with my husband. I am also able to have more honest conversations with my husband, owning that I have a voice and have a choice to share or not share. I believe my husband has also shifted. I can see that he responds more honestly and will call me out on things (which is good) because it's usually a reflection of his triggers, which I had never seen before since he bottles most things inside."

Erica was able to navigate big relationship changes.

"Christina gave me the tools to negotiate moving into my boyfriend's house who lives with and takes care of his mother. Although living with your future mother-in-law is not usually someone’s ultimate dream, the tools we used helped me to draw boundaries and expectations for the move, so that I could feel more comfortable moving there. It turned a huge scary mess into manageable chunks of totally doable actions."

Jamie created major shifts in her relationships.

"I’ve learned to turn within when there is discomfort in my relationships, to be more authentic & own my part of the relationships. It’s created visible shifts in my relationships. I’m able to be with friends without problem-solving and I can speak my boundaries in my marriage to meet my needs."

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this just for partnerships or coupled people?

Absolutely no. You can apply what we learn here to any relationship or prepare for your next one. We'll talk about connections from family bonds that we think we can't change to preparing for new friends or partners.

Will this solve ALL my relationship problems?

You'll get tons of clarity, but first you're going to have to get real honest and real clear about who you are, what you want and how you take part in the drama. 


Then, we can get clear on the path to get there. You'll improve how you feel about how you show up to your connections. It may fix some relationships and you may get more clear about what you can or can't change and if that fits for you. Basically, you'll find your power in the situation and I promise you have more than you think you do.


Either way, you'll feel confident that you have the tools to make the clearest choices about relationships for you and how you want to participate. 

When does the next session start?

We shooting for early May! Once we have enough people say yes! You'll be the first to know. 

How much does it cost?

You can sign up for only $343! Or 2 payments of $173.


BONUS: If you get on the waitlist before April 13, I'll offer a $50 discount when registration opens. 

It's time to have the deep connections you crave.

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