Personal Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment, desire, purpose come from doing the work to know ourselves.

Break-free of survival mode. It's time to thrive.


Welcome, love!

If you are here because you believe there's got to be more to life and you want to stir some magic, excitement, and passion into your life, then you are in the right spot. I focus on the good so much, some clients call me their happiness coach or their empowerment mentor.


Happiness is a choice (or many choices), not a reward.


Thriving & empowerment are states of being we choose.

If these statements bring some emotion and you're thinking, "If I could just choose it I would", please keep reading. I felt the same way. Like something must be wrong with me if I am not choosing it or finding it that simple.

While coaching and empowerment surely isn't the easiest thing to choose, your inner conflict is guiding you. That struggle you feel probably has better ideas on how it wants to work it out or make different choices. Let's look at those together and find where your power is.


The purpose of Personal Empowerment Coaching is:

  • to find your voice and use it
  • to be more clear on what you actually want (and why)
  • to see where your desires and your choices are conflicting
  • to shine a light on all the places you are leaving your power
  • to help you feel more confident and successful in life
  • to connect you to your inner wisdom that already has all the answers you need


We work together to remove the blocks to your happiness, one by one.

Most of us were taught to survive.

We're taught to do the things (by our parents and teachers) to ensure our future is safe, secure, and at some point, happy. 

We delay the happiness, thinking it's just at the next goal. Then the next. Then the next. 

Let's face it, we put safe and secure way above happy even when we are arguably more safe than we've ever been in history.

Thriving feels differently.

Thriving starts with the feeling

and flows in a cycle that continue to feeds it, bringing more happy and more purpose and joy... without force, or 'surviving' the obstacles.

Thriving allows for new opportunities and perspectives because it doesn't set the goals, it sets the feelings which bring and fulfill the goals. It's a more nurturing, feminine way to move through life.

The difference is the feeling leads the action.

Because desire and feelings are tons more inspirational than the to-do list. So why do we do the hard stuff first?

Because we were taught to survive.

And guess what?

When we surrender our survival mode, we automatically thrive.

If you are tired of feeling like:

You have something great in you that you just can't tap into - even if you don't know what it is yet

 You get anxiety when it comes to change because you're already overwhelmed with all the changes you never wanted but were handed

Every day is groundhog day and it ain't enjoyable

You should be happy and aren't and don't know why

You don't want to get out of bed

You need something sacred or passionate or exciting in your life

You've lost a piece of yourself that creates joy - or you never knew it to begin with


I want to talk to you!

Let's at least get you some clarity with a free 30-minute coaching call.

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Some of the Topics covered in Personal Empowerment Coaching

Section 1: Dissecting happiness for you

What does happy mean?
Ingredients required for happiness
What happiness means to you

Section 2: Defining & Assessing our happy

Defining your unique  happy
Why what you're doing isn't working
Forgiveness creates space for new

Section 3: Uncovering our true desires

Your circus & your monkeys
Designing happiness-centered goals
How do you want to feel though?

Section 4: Implementing a desire led, authentic to you, thriving life

Feel it now! Do the stuff later.
How to plan a desire-led life
Staying on the heart-centered track

Section 5: Busting down the blocks

What blocks looks like
The different ways to deal with blocks
Managing emotional blocks

Section 6: Designing your essential truths

Mission & Vision
Living in the light of integrity
Maintaining with ritual

Passion - Desire - Excitement - Joy - Ease - Flow - Thriving - Abundance - Spiritual - Prosperous…

What do you want your life to feel like?

Let's start with a free coaching call.

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