It's time to love on your Inner Critic

Our Inner Critic needs love. That’s my belief.


The Inner Critic needs healing. She needs love. After all, that’s all she’s really trying to offer help, even if it doesn’t come off that way.


Here’s how I deal with the Inner Critic…

A little introduction to our inner critic...

The Visualization...

Questions to Journal...

  • How did you feel before this visualization? How about after?
  • What did the forest where your Inner Critic lives look like?
  • What did her cottage or house look like?
  • What did your Inner Critic look like to you?
  • How did it feel to be in connection with the Inner Critic? Does she seem familiar?
  • What did she have to tell you?
  • How did you comfort her?
  • What is true from what she told you? What will you leave with her?
  • What wisdom did you gain by coming and finding your own truth?
  • What are some affirmations you can create to remind yourself of this wisdom?

A little ritual...

Counter-act the Inner Critic today. Write yourself a love letter.

This may likely bring some discomfort- especially if you aren’t used to giving yourself love, care or compassion.


Today, think of your higher self – the self you are under all the natural humanness of wanting to make ourselves wrong or shame ourselves. The beauty, the truth, and the sweetness of who you are.


Some tips:


Say things that feel true. If “You are awesome” is hard to say to yourself, maybe start with, “I am open to seeing my awesomeness” or “I seek out my awesomeness and I find it.” Something that leans into it, and still feels within the realm of believable to you.


If you have a hard time, see yourself as a friend of yours. How would you help her see all of her beauty.


Be open. You are the only judge as to whether you are right. If you think you’re talented , you are. If you think you are beautiful, you are. If you think you are funny, you are. Allow yourself to be right and perfect just as you are.


Then seek more of your awesomeness out.


This can be a little challenging for some, so feel free to do some heart-centered breathing before you start. Be prepared that tears may fall and let it be okay. It happens when the light that’s been hidden starts shining.


Put this love letter on your altar. Read it often. Add to it if you like. Stretch a little further into claiming more.



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