It's time to love on your inner child.

That's a picture I keep of myself on my desk.


It reminds me that however I am talking or thinking about myself impacts her too. I can't expect her to heal if I am still hurting her too.


Here's a bonus visualization just for you. 

A little introduction to our inner child...

The Visualization...

Questions to Journal...

    • How did you feel before this visualization?
    • How did you feel after?
    • What did the field look like?
    • What was your inner child like?
    • What did she look like? What age was she? Is that significant?
    • What did she need most?
    • Where does she take you?
    • What does it look like there? Who is there? What is there?
    • How did your little girl look there?
    • What is surprising to see there?

A little ritual...

Offer her what she needs, and then...


What did you like to do when you were a little girl?

Tap into your Inner Child energy and play with that energy mindfully put on.

Some ideas for those of us far removed from play:

  • Take a walk in nature and imagine faeries or other imaginative things
  • Color
  • Jump rope
  • Dance
  • Find a 2-5 year old, ask them what they do for fun and do that
  • Legos
  • Finger paint
  • Blow bubbles
  • Swing on a park swing
  • Play with clay or play-dough

Want to go further and start really liking you and taking care of that inner child?

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Hello beautiful human!

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