3 Ways We Get Our Power Back

Where are you leaving your personal power?

We are truly powerful beings. We can change our entire life, perspective, thoughts and the impacts we have on others. We have that power. If you aren't feeling that power or you just want more (who doesn't), tune into this free workshop on the top three places we leave our power and how we get it back.

This isn't about being powerful only when you truly need it. This is about the every day power that we give to outside forces. We place it there. We forget about it. I want to remind you (or show you in case it's been that long since you've known it) and help you take it back.

What we'll cover:

  • Where you are unconsciously leaving your power
  • What power means and what it really feels like
  • How to recognize your power suckers
  • Choosing to show up in your power

Of course, because you know me or will soon, I will be including a visualization to help us uncover our innate power.


Join us for this POWERFUL, FREE workshop.

May 6 at 12 pm PDT/3 pm EDT

Not joining us might be one place you are leaving your power. It's a choice. I hope you choose wisely for you.


This will be recorded and sent to all registrants, however I highly recommend you attend live!