Empowered Archetypes Workshop: The Crone

January 17 at 9 am Pacific / 12 am Eastern

Empower your inner wise woman and hold space like a Crone.

Does the word Crone bring up bad vibes? If you look her up in the dictionary you get: an old hag.

Not really inspiring, eh?

We know that the elder woman in the past has been - well - invisible, written off, and unseen. Powerful women have a hard time embracing the Crone because it feels like slipping into death - and we still want to fight, fight the dying of the light.


Imagine for a minute, a woman who embraces her age. The wisdom, the experience, the love, the loss, the journey -- all part of the gifts she still has to offer the world. She even embraces her physical looks - the softening of her body, the silvery wisdom hairs and her unending compassionate heart-filled smile that really knows why she smiles. She's a woman that wants to still be seen, heard and witnessed. She's a woman that is so connected to her knowing that people have to stop and listen.

Here's the thing: as we get older we don't lose our beauty, our worth or our value. We certainly don't let go of wanting to live well or in abundance. I'd even bet that we actually increase our beauty, worth and value… maybe just in ways we don't measure, and definitely in ways that matter.

The gifts of our inner Crone archetype include:

  • Seeing the value of our experience

  • Feeling comfortable and even embracing our aging process

  • Be intuitively guided through the ancient wisdom in your DNA

  • Being able to hold space for other's wisdom to bloom

  • Trusting the cycles of the Universe and allowing things to work out without forcing them

  • Acceptance: of ourselves, of flaws, of human limitations, of what is

  • Using our spiritual connection to guide oneself

She's more than an old hag and knowing her well will help you step into the gifts of your Crone more smoothly.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will:

  • Discuss the Crone archetype in literature, as an archetype and as a perspective

  • Experience some of our balanced Crone with an exercise

  • Understand the gifts and wisdom we can depend on the Crone for

  • Look at the Shadows of the Crone archetype

  • Try some ways to balance the Crone archetypal energy

  • Visualize how your Crone wants to show up

  • Craft rituals or spiritual practices to tap in and celebrate the Crone energy in us

Join this workshop on January 17 for only $45.

9 am to 12 pm Pacific/ 12 pm to 3 pm Eastern 

This price includes:


  • A 3-hour live call and recording for reusing later - come with your Crone energy!
  • All your questions answered during or after the workshop via email
  • An electronic workbook with the exercises and rituals laid out for you


There are only 24 seats available. Register now.

What others have said about Christina's archetype classes:


Christina is very knowledgeable of the subject matter, is willing to share her process and stories related to her personal experiences, welcomes inquiry and provides feedback, and has a special gift for creating and producing meaningful meditations.

AR, Archetypal Power circle 2020

Especially appreciated that these aren't ‘off the shelf programmes’ but thoughtfully compiled, organized and living curriculum. Christina’s insightful pairing of the archetypes, and ability to make and grow their connections and interconnections all the way through, really speaks to this.

SM, Archetypal Power Circle 2020

There was space for questions to be asked and Christina seemed to just know when and how to ask a question—or reflect words back, in a way that was in service of both individual and entire group’s growing thinking/ just staying in a sweet ‘hadn’t thought of it that way before’ moment. Christina facilitates AND participates positioned as a learner. Showing examples from appropriate personal experiences and reflections from own readings, courses and not ‘telling’ so we could simply ‘get it’, but growing and inspiring space for us to learn it as we live it.

Participant, Archetypal Power Circle

Learning about the Archetypes has presented a way of observing both: how others present themselves and respond, and what my own natural manner is. It's reminding me to enter into novel situations, and some day-to-day situations, with greater intention and consideration for the journey of the experience, not only the intended outcome.

Participant, Fall 2020

It's a part of our Empowered Archetypes Series!

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