Empowered Feminine Wholeness


6-Month Deep Dive starts late March

Understand the gifts and resolve the conflicts within you with archetypal energies and mindful empowerment tools.

Connect with the conflicting parts of yourself in this 6-month small group program.

  • Conflicts among your different archetypal energies.
  • Conflicts among your three major intelligences in the body: mind, heart, and gut.
  • Conflicts among your thoughts, feelings, and core beliefs.

We'll tap into archetypal energy to deepen your inner wisdom, gifts, and power and we'll also tap into those gifts through personal growth tools that will help you master the energies, conflicts and gifts within you.

Imagine a  woman who:

connects to her inner knowing to:

  • make intuitive decisions

  • feel assured about the choices she makes -- even in hindsight

  • understand her uniqueness & authenticity

  • choose her own wisdom rather than seeking the answers from others

  • hear her own inner truth as clear as a bell

uncovers new gifts and gold so she can:

  • create incredible confidence in her value

  • help her reach your goals more quickly and smoothly

  • create curiosity and inspiration for herself and others

  • empower her in situations that she feels challenged by

  • build more self-trust to create bigger dreams

discovers her feminine power can feel like:

  • being able to say no more often and without guilt

  • standing up for herself and using her voice effectively

  • being able to yes to herself and her dreams more

  • showing up exactly how she wants to: strong, or nurturing, or gentle, or discerning…

  • shifting from one energy to another fluidly

Imagine yourself as this woman.
How does it feel?
What would life be like if you felt like this was you?

This 6-month program will dive deep into all of the above areas. We'll learn about the power, the gifts, and the wisdom of 12 major feminine archetypal energies with real psychological tools.

 If you struggle with...

  • Self-doubt and knowing if your choices are right
  • Self-confidence because it's hard to hear your own wisdom
  • Self-trust because you feel like you've been wrong before
  • Clarity - life often feels like chaos - including the voices and conflict in your head
  • Following the crowd, because you fear showing up as your true self

…then this program will offer the clarity and confidence in your own inner wisdom that you've craved.




What you'll learn:

The archetypes have gifts that can help you step into more of your confidence, self-trust, and innate wisdom buried in your subconscious. During this 6-month group, we'll take a look at the different aspects of ourselves to empower ourselves with the energies of the archetypes.

The Queen & Vision with a Crown

Find your voice and stand in your power. The Queen has leadership gifts and blessings to offer. Find your authentic personal power in the Sovereign.

The Crone & Inner Wisdom

You have ancient wisdom under all that self-doubt. Your inner wise woman has the connection to it. Become more intuitive and accepting with the Crone.

The Child, Sensitivity, Creativity & Wounds

If giving yourself permission to play, be creative, or just unproductive is a challenge, the child will help you tap into the magic of childhood & release wounds.

The Warrior(ess) has Boundaries & Action

The Warrior keeps us safe, and often too safe. Learn how to make smart boundaries that create more trust with those you love and keep you safe.

The Adolescent embraces shift & change

The desire to transform and your ability to form meaningful relationships is the domain of the adolescent. She's brave enough to lead in transition.

The Lover brings us into our bodies

If being mindful and present and seeing and experiencing big, beautiful things is your aim, the Lover archetype will help you love everything including you.

The Wild Woman unlearns her taming

We'll create space for our individual wildness. We'll talk about how we can use our Wild Woman to break us out of our safe and play nice box, in a way that feels good.

The Maiden searches for what she wants

Our empowered Maiden is no damsel in distress… she is brave, open and curious. If you have life changes happening, the Maiden can invite excitement.

The Mother births & nurtures our big dreams

Our Mother archetype will teach us to birth, nurture and teach children, ideas, businesses, big dreams. She'll also be there to nurture ourselves in a healthy way.

The Sage questions our core beliefs

Are you a constant seeker of knowledge and self-growth? Your seeker may be strong. Let's find out how to use all that wisdom to best align with what we want.

The Judge makes decisions that feel good

Stop second-guessing yourself or guilt-tripping yourself later. Dive into deeper clarity around your inner wisdom and understand the inner ciritic within you.

The Fool communicates so that she is heard

Open up to possibilities you don't even see with a new, lighter perspective. The Fool is an ace at relaying hard information in a way we can listen.

You'll find your gifts and gold reflected back to you in our small group of women.




We'll also talk about

The Higher Self

What would we be without our ego? Probably closer to the divinity we are underneath it - or the higher self as Jung would say. Touch your own divinity.

The Shadow

The Shadow is the part of us that keeps us from being what we truly want. It's uncomfortable, but can be the portal to living as the Higher Self.

The Golden Shadow

What gifts and gold have you tucked away that you've disconnected with or denied? We'll find them and bring them into the light.


All of these parts of ourselves have specific skills like:

  • Managing our thoughts so that they are supportive, not sabotaging

  • Using and decoding feelings as guidance

  • Uncovering and shifting core beliefs

  • Understanding the cycles of shift & why they are so uncomfortable

  • Taking responsibility (what's my problem and what's theirs?)

  • Dreaming bigger in a more feminine way

  • Allowing flow to take over rather than forcing everything

  • Breaking our own box of beliefs

  • Unraveling our patterns so we can make more effective change

  • Looking at the wisdom and blocks in our judgment


 Let's get to know them and connect with their energies to uncover more of ourselves and our authenticity.


Join this small group program March.

Register for only $598 or 6 monthly payments of $107

This is a first-time offer introductory price. In May the price goes up.


This price includes:


  • Live calls twice a month for group discussion and coaching!
  • Weekly modules with visualizations, teaching, spiritual groundings, and more all on InvitingShift.com.
  • Rituals, worksheets, and exercises to try at home
  • Access to me via email at any time
  • Discounts on any of my classes and free invites to others.
  • BONUSES: Have a private call once a month with me (optional, and included)
  • Expanding the Divine Feminine Program


Only $598 when you pay in full.


Or 6 payments of $107!


Have questions or want to talk first?

Set up a time to connect right here on my scheduler.

The group will be polled for the best time to hold the live sessions.

Break it down:

Weekly Modules:

Each week, you'll get an email with a new teaching, visualization, and/or grounding exercises to practice within the archetypes. We do it each week to keep them short and consistent.

Live calls 2x a month:

Small circles are for sharing and diving deeper into ourselves. With the teaching done outside of circle, we get to focus on application in our lives with whatever is happening for you.

Rituals & Exercises:

If you're like me, you might need some hands-on practice with the archetypal energies. You'll have extra offered at the live calls.

Access to me anytime:

Have a question or a concern you need answered or addressed right away? Send me an email and I'll be back to you pronto.


If you are in my 6-month, I see you as ride or die for your own personal growth and will include you in special discounts on programs and free entry to some workshops.


Private calls included!

Have a private call once a month with me (optional, and included) $450 value by itself!

Once a month you can go deeper into your personal challenges and we'll use the archetypes to address them. Once per month for the whole 6 months.

Expanding the Divine Feminine Program!

This program will take you through a journey of visualizations and rituals to connect deeper to the divine feminine part of you. Set your own rules and intention and see what happens in 30 days.


Each group is only 8-10 women!

Register for only $598 or 6 monthly payments of $107



Have questions or want to talk first?

Set up a time to connect right here on my scheduler.

The group will be polled for the best time to have live calls.

What others have said about Christina's archetype classes:



Christina is very knowledgeable of the subject matter, is willing to share her process and stories related to her personal experiences, welcomes inquiry and provides feedback, and has a special gift for creating and producing meaningful meditations.

AR, Archetypal Power circle 2020

Especially appreciated that these aren't ‘off the shelf programmes’ but thoughtfully compiled, organized and living curriculum. Christina’s insightful pairing of the archetypes, and ability to make and grow their connections and interconnections all the way through, really speaks to this.

SM, Archetypal Power Circle 2020

There was space for questions to be asked and Christina seemed to just know when and how to ask a question—or reflect words back, in a way that was in service of both individual and entire group’s growing thinking/ just staying in a sweet ‘hadn’t thought of it that way before’ moment. Christina facilitates AND participates positioned as a learner. Showing examples from appropriate personal experiences and reflections from own readings, courses and not ‘telling’ so we could simply ‘get it’, but growing and inspiring space for us to learn it as we live it.

Participant, Archetypal Power Circle

Learning about the Archetypes has presented a way of observing both: how others present themselves and respond, and what my own natural manner is. It's reminding me to enter into novel situations, and some day-to-day situations, with greater intention and consideration for the journey of the experience, not only the intended outcome.

Participant, Fall 2020

"It's helped me shift things at work, consciously clearing space to receive what I need/want in my life. I have also applied this to my personal life and it's been really wonderful in making more connection with my husband and family as well. I will definitely be using these tools in the future. I feel like this has been the greatest gift this year... Thank you Christina for showing me where my power lies. I'm really grateful :-)"

Participant, Activating Your Personal Power

"I really enjoyed listening to the pre-recorded presentations before coming to class, and to have the opportunity to share experiences in class. By listening to others, I felt like I learned a lot about myself. It was also really helpful to connect with other women walking along the same path (and to know we aren't alone in our feelings/experiences). The other women were also really wonderful. In the end, I feel like it's Christina's wisdom of being able to hear what we said, taking those messages and turning them into something that helps us shift, was really magical."

Participant, Activating Your Personal Power

"Christina is incredible! Not only is she really positive in her approach, she is so clear in her delivery of information which I really appreciate. She has an incredible gift of being able to listen to our often confused states, can pick out what is actually being said/shared, and provide guidance by turning what we are experiencing into something that shifts within us, so that we can move forward authentically."

Participant, Activating Your Personal Power

"The honest active listening that you provided for each of us as participants---looping back during the day's content to tie in with something that was raised during that day's check-in; paraphrasing--often thereby making participant reflections-in-progress/ wonderings, at times more concise, or when helpful, further encouraging our reflections/ meaning-making; and always leaving room for questions throughout class via the chat feature, or reminding us when time to check-out, to take the opportunity to pose questions that might have surfaced during the class and/ or follow-up by email as necessary."

Participant, Activating Your Personal Power

"I liked how comfortable I felt to share and open up with the group and grow. I felt empowered, connected, and best of all supported."

Participant, Activating Your Personal Power

"Christina facilitates AND participates positioned as a learner. Showing examples from appropriate personal experiences and reflections from own readings, courses and not ‘telling’ so we could simply ‘get it’, but growing and inspiring space for us to learn it as we live it."

Participant, Activating Your Personal Power

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