Empowered & Mindful Series: Feelings as Wisdom


March 3 from 9 am - 1 pm Pacific / 12 - 4 pm Eastern

Whether you are overwhelmed with feelings or feeling a bit numb, there is wisdom there.

Join us to learn how to manage your emotions, make the uncomfortable ones less so, and how we translate them into wisdom.

Feelings can be like these incessant human limitations -- or at least that's how I used to see them. Just pests that were getting in the way of my warrior getting stuff done. I didn't have time for sadness or fear, so I would ignore them, push them down. And then boom one day - it would all crash. If you are really skilled at ignoring, you also might find one day it is hard to even tap into your feelings - welcome to me 10 years ago.

Maybe that's not you… maybe you're like a friend of mine who allows the feelings overwhelm her so she can't separate herself from them and they take over and end up leading her. Even though she wants to do something different, she feels unable. She is paralyzed by feelings of depression, grief, shame, fear when they come up.

Either way, the answer is the same: Find the wisdom in your feelings and take your power back over them.



Imagine a woman who could feel all the feelings, honored them, listened, and was able to glisten the wisdom they were sharing. A woman who could feel so comfortable in any emotion, the bittersweetness made her life richer and more vibrant. A woman who would be able to hold space for other people's emotions because she is comfortable in emotion and able to separate her pain from others and meet them where they are.


Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable emotions means more depth to our love, joy, gratitude and life.

When we look closer at our feelings, we can:

  • Uncover the real reasons they are coming up

  • Observe them without having to be consumed by them

  • Tap into the wisdom they are sharing as one of your body's main nervous centers

  • Make the uncomfortable familiar and less stress-inducing

  • Feel the feelings without being taken away without listening to the stories

  • Unravel the conflicting emotions to understand all the aspects of yourself

  • Use the information to dive deeper into who you are and what is in alignment with you


Feelings are wisdom. Learn how to listen.

In this 4-hour workshop, we will:

  • Discuss how our feelings impact our lives

  • Uncover the link between our feelings and thoughts

  • Reveal the link to our core beliefs

  • Experience ways to shift your feelings and hold multiple at one time

  • Connect within and with small groups to find the wisdom beneath our emotions


Join this workshop on March 3 for only $67.


This price includes:


  • A 4-hour live call with a small group of sistership and mentorship
  • All your questions answered during or after the workshop via email
  • An electronic workbook with the exercises and information laid out for you
  • Optional 30-minute private appointment after the workshop


There are only 24 seats available. Register now.


What others have said about Christina's power classes:


"Christina is incredible! Not only is she really positive in her approach, she is so clear in her delivery of information which I really appreciate. She has an incredible gift of being able to listen to our often confused states, can pick out what is actually being said/shared, and provide guidance by turning what we are experiencing into something that shifts within us, so that we can move forward authentically."

"I liked how comfortable I felt to share and open up with the group and grow. I felt empowered, connected, and best of all supported."

"I will definitely be using these tools in the future. I feel like this has been the greatest gift this year... Thank you Christina for showing me where my power lies. I'm really grateful :-)"

"I feel like it's Christina's wisdom of being able to hear what we said, taking those messages and turning them into something that helps us shift, was really magical."

"Christina facilitates AND participates positioned as a learner. Showing examples from appropriate personal experiences and reflections from own readings, courses and not ‘telling’ so we could simply ‘get it’, but growing and inspiring space for us to learn it as we live it."


It's a part of our Empowered & Mindful Series!

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