Empowered & Mindful Series: Shifting Core Beliefs


March 20 from 9 am - 1 pm Pacific / 12 - 4 pm Eastern

Internal conflict could mean that your core beliefs are out of alignment with who you are now.

Core beliefs are gained as we learn from those around us or from our own experience (as we interpret it). As we grow, the world changes and as we try to become more comfortable in our authenticity, we often also find more internal conflict. This is because we outgrow things we learned were once true. Our truth often shifts as we age and we gain more perspective of the world and people around us.

You may not even know what your core beliefs are. They are so ingrained in us, we see them as truth. Some core beliefs women in my classes have uncovered are:

  • I am not smart.
  • There is never enough money.
  • I am not worthy of a man that treats me well.
  • Everyone will break my heart eventually.
  • People are not trustworthy.
  • In order to succeed, you need to work hard.
  • I am not enough.
  • I deserve bad things to happen when I make mistakes.
  • If I show my authenticity, people won't really like me.

I could go on and on. The point is, you can shift your core beliefs to fit you and serve you better. In this 4-hour class, I want to show you how.


The intention is this: imagine yourself as a woman who knew herself to her core… she would be able to: make instant decisions that she didn't waiver or regret later, focus on what she really wants instead of second-guessing or feeling full of conflict, feel the abundance of time and money, and feel secure in who she was and what she brings to the connections she has.


Core beliefs aren't fact. They can actually prevent growth and diminish power.

We'll discuss and do some different activities to:

  • Uncover what your core beliefs are, specifically around time, money, yourself, and relationships (partner, family, friends).

  • Assess those core beliefs to see if they are creating conflict, chaos, or clarity in your life.

  • Make the connections to core beliefs through feelings and thoughts

  • Shift your core beliefs to serve you best

  • Use the VALID method to verify you have the most supportive focus

  • Create specific intentions for reinforcing the new belief


Shift your beliefs to fit your growth and authenticity.


Join this workshop on March 20 for only $67.


This price includes:


  • A 4-hour live call with a small group of sistership and mentorship
  • All your questions answered during or after the workshop via email
  • An electronic workbook with the exercises and information laid out for you
  • Optional 30-minute private appointment after the workshop


There are only 24 seats available. Register now.


What others have said about Christina's power classes:


"Christina is incredible! Not only is she really positive in her approach, she is so clear in her delivery of information which I really appreciate. She has an incredible gift of being able to listen to our often confused states, can pick out what is actually being said/shared, and provide guidance by turning what we are experiencing into something that shifts within us, so that we can move forward authentically."

"I liked how comfortable I felt to share and open up with the group and grow. I felt empowered, connected, and best of all supported."

"I will definitely be using these tools in the future. I feel like this has been the greatest gift this year... Thank you Christina for showing me where my power lies. I'm really grateful :-)"

"I feel like it's Christina's wisdom of being able to hear what we said, taking those messages and turning them into something that helps us shift, was really magical."

"Christina facilitates AND participates positioned as a learner. Showing examples from appropriate personal experiences and reflections from own readings, courses and not ‘telling’ so we could simply ‘get it’, but growing and inspiring space for us to learn it as we live it."


It's a part of our Empowered & Mindful Series!

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