Empowered & Mindful Series: Taming our Thoughts


February 6 from 9 am - 1 pm Pacific / 12 - 4 pm Eastern

Empowered thinking and mindfulness...

Stop the incessant flow of negative inner chatter by shifting how you relate to your thoughts.

Do you often find a persistent chatter in your head? Maybe it's thoughts you have about the world, stories you tell yourself, or criticism you don't even like thinking… but we all have thoughts that we don't need and in fact can sabotage our good intentions.

  • Self-criticism
  • Old voices
  • Judgments
  • Worry

Sh*t that just ain't true, but for some reason, your brain wants desperately to remind you of it until it feels true.



Imagine a woman who can tame her thoughts, who hears them raising their negativity and can not only squash them, but transform them into thoughts that are in tune with her own inner wisdom and truth. She is internally connected to her own radiant voice. She stands tall in her truth, has energy, thought-space and confidence for herself and those she loves without the distraction of chatter taking up space. How does that feel?

Our thoughts are not always true.

In fact, I'd set a wager that the majority of what our brains go on and on about isn't a fact at all. It's how we fill in the gaps from our previous knowledge or experience.

We can be more empowered and mindful of our thoughts. We can make the choice to notice, question, and understand them. When we take the time to do that, we can shift them into more helpful bits of encouragement rather than an abundance of criticism (whether it's pointed towards ourselves or others).

When we look at our thoughts, we can:

  • Cease the barrage of self-criticism

  • Get to the truth under the thoughts and internal stories

  • Uncover the gifts and gold that your inner chatter is preventing

  • Connect deeper with your own truth

  • VALIDate them (a process to test the truth of your thoughts)

  • Craft thoughts that would better serve you (that you can actually believe)

  • Becoming more accepting of ourselves and others


Your thoughts should be supportive and encouraging. Let's shift them and free your mind and perspective.

In this 4-hour workshop, we will:

  • Discuss what how thoughts get to be thoughts and why our brains are choosing the ones they are

  • Uncover the link of thoughts to our feelings and core beliefs

  • Apply the VALID method to help you quickly analyze and shift your thoughts

  • Do exercises and small group work about shifting our thoughts

  • Let go of what doesn't serve us and invite what will serve us better


Join this workshop on February 6 for only $67.


This price includes:


  • A 4-hour live call with a small group of sistership and mentorship
  • All your questions answered during or after the workshop via email
  • An electronic workbook with the exercises and information laid out for you
  • Optional 30-minute private appointment after the workshop


There are only 24 seats available. Register now.


What others have said about Christina's power classes:


"Christina is incredible! Not only is she really positive in her approach, she is so clear in her delivery of information which I really appreciate. She has an incredible gift of being able to listen to our often confused states, can pick out what is actually being said/shared, and provide guidance by turning what we are experiencing into something that shifts within us, so that we can move forward authentically."

"I liked how comfortable I felt to share and open up with the group and grow. I felt empowered, connected, and best of all supported."

"I will definitely be using these tools in the future. I feel like this has been the greatest gift this year... Thank you Christina for showing me where my power lies. I'm really grateful :-)"

"I feel like it's Christina's wisdom of being able to hear what we said, taking those messages and turning them into something that helps us shift, was really magical."

"Christina facilitates AND participates positioned as a learner. Showing examples from appropriate personal experiences and reflections from own readings, courses and not ‘telling’ so we could simply ‘get it’, but growing and inspiring space for us to learn it as we live it."


It's a part of our Empowered & Mindful Series!

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