Inviting Archetypes into Shift

How we use the ideology of archetypes to embrace transition and even move us to create the life we truly want.

Archetypes have become a trending topic lately but I've been working with them for over a decade. If you are wondering questions like:

What are archetypes?
How do fantasy characters help me with personal power?
Do they really help or are we just making up stories?
What is a shadow and how does it impact my actions?

We're going to talk about all that and more in a free workshop on June 10 at 4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT.

Archetypes are holding your power. Come get to know them and release your power, intuition and unlimited growth.

It's only one hour and you'll get tools you can use immediately.

Sign up for the link.

June 10 at 4 pm PDT



Yes, we will be recording and I will send out the recording to anyone who signs up. I recommend attending live to be part of the conversation that will not be recorded.