New Moon Circle – ONLINE in November!

Set your Intentions during the New Moon

This is a new monthly offering for my women and men who want to do a monthly check-in with themselves with ritual and connection. While many people celebrate the full moon (and baby she’s gorgeous), intentions and beginnings come with the New Moon. That is the intention in this circle. Monthly gatherings will look something like this:

  • Welcoming & bringing everyone in the circle
  • Share about the last moon cycle (celebrate wins & let go of what no longer serves us.
  • A little talk about the significance of this month’s moon renewal
  • Speaking our intentions for the next moon cycle
  • Closing

This month’s focus:

Chaos, Change & Rebellion

This is the last new moon of this eclipse cycle which means it is time to clean up any goals you started way back in June. We’ll talk about how we align our energy to take on the distractions and holiday chaos to finish up anything we need to in order to tie up loose ends.

New Moon Prizes

Each month, we’ll also draw a name from the attendees to win a New Moon kit which will have a different array of tools and goodies to get you through the month. From crystals to sage, to gift certificates for self-care, the packages will value easily over $100. Come see if it’s your month to win, or at least get the list of included goodies and their source so you can get them yourself.

Join us for the first one ONLINE:

November 27 from 7-9 pm

Join us from anywhere!

It will be recorded, but join us live for prizes and connection if possible!



Try it for free, or give to the Maricopa Pantry.

At this time, this circle is offered as a gift. For November, if you would like to donate for the value you find, you can donate directly to Maricopa Pantry or any funds I receive for this circle will be donated there. The Maricopa Pantry ensures no one in Maricopa is left hungry.