Revolutionizing Resolutions

Resolutions made Easier.

By this time of the resolution phase, it may be getting just a bit harder to stick to your commitments. It’s understandable. Change isn’t always as easy as knowing what best serves you. It’s actually carrying it out each new day that our fortitude is tested.

Come join me to talk about how we can make habits a bit easier. We’ll talk about:

  • Why new habits are hard to incorporate & how to get past the blocks
  • How we can shift our energy to match the changes
  • What we can do to make big shifts more fluid and less rocky
  • When to reassess, pivot, or pitch it
  • The importance of tracking, celebrating and accountability

It’s free so come join us!

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February 4 at 12 pm MST (11 am PST/2 pm EST)

I’ve written the book on Shift and Transformation – literally. Inviting Shift takes us through the main 5 stages of change, shift and transformation in a way that it makes it easier to embrace and minimize the discomfort of newness. I’m going to share the best secrets to pushing through the tough spots and shifting more fluidly.