Inviting Stillness & Wisdom

An introduction to meditation, and creating a thriving, consistent connection to yourself

4 weeks Starting June 1 Mondays & Thursdays at 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT

8 sessions to get you more familiar with meditation and ease you into a practice that feels right for you.

Meditation is when we hear the divinity in ourselves… our inner wisdom, our answers. It's in the stillness.


Ever wonder if meditation would help relieve stress, anxiety, or even fear?
Or maybe you tried to meditate and struggle with a regular meditation practice?

I did too. I get it. Sitting still for three minutes felt like a chore for me at first too. This introductory class not only teaches you the basics of meditation, but you'll also learn what blocks you are experiencing in getting into a regular meditation practice that you enjoy.

Give your body, mind, and spirit a chance to connect.

Get all the benefits of meditation by learning to customize your meditation practice.

There isn't one way to meditate!
We'll learn a variety of traditional and not-so-traditional ways to meditate and I will even offer extra visual meditations for you to try on your own.


Here's what we'll learn in our one-hour classes:

June 1: The basics of mediation & the blocks

We'll cover the basics of breathing and then look at what stops up right from the start.

June 4: Destressing with meditation

Change your state in just a few moments or a full hour with this tension-releasing mediation technique.

June 8: Relaxation & Meditation

Need some support relaxing or sleeping? This is the perfect meditation to help support sweet dreams.

June 11: Customize a Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditations can help us focus on whatever we want: love, wholeness, worthiness, or whatever you need.

June 15: Big Goals and Visualization

Need some stillness in order to craft and act on your dreams in an intuitive way? This meditation is about tapping into our intuition and wisdom.

June 18: The meditation of love

Ever feel like you could use a moment of stillness to change your irritation or frustration to love? This compassionate meditation will help.

June 22: Visualize your power

If you have ever been interested in archetypes, this meditation will introduce you to some of the power you have within your own archetypes.

June 25: ZEN Meditation Practice

Zen meditation is a traditional meditation practice that we'll end this intro on.

You can stay after class and ask all the questions you have. This is live and interactive to ensure you are getting every detail you need to move forward.

If you cannot make a session, or want to repeat the meditation during the week (highly recommended), there will be recordings of the meditations and teachings. Conversations will not be recorded.

PLUS you'll get 4 additional meditations to help you expand your meditation practice.

That's group conversations with meditation coaching, 8 classes with hands-on practice and 4 additional meditations!

All for only $67 for this first-time offering!

Come join us!



How many people will be in each session? Will I have time to ask questions?

There's a max of 12 in each class. I do this to ensure everyone has time to check-in, share, and ask questions. If more than 12 want to register, I often open another session.

What happens if I miss a session?

You'll get the visualization and any exercises, but you won't get the conversations we have. This is strictly for confidentiality. You can feel safe that I take confidentiality seriously.

Could I sign up and just get the visualizations and exercises?

Absolutely! While I find the conversations to be the best part of the experience because it helps show the application of the knowledge, you can still have the knowledge alone. Or set up a private session package with me. You'll still get the sessions week by week. Choose the second ticket option, and you'll save $30. I will deduct the remaining price from a coaching package if you decide you'd like to add that at any time.

If I have a group of people, could we have our own private sessions?

Yes. I do private sessions and we could talk about pricing for a group.

Is this only for women?


I feel like I need this but I am currently financially drained. Can you help?

If you feel you could benefit and make a commitment to yourself, I want you to be able to benefit. Email me and we'll chat.

Can I talk to you first to see if this will fit with me?

Absolutely. See my scheduler.

**I want this to be accessible to everyone. Send me an email if you need financial support to attend.