The Power of the Archetypes Series: The Lover

Embrace beauty, deepen relationships and be more present with the Lover Archetype.

Do you find it hard to find self-love?
Do you find yourself putting up walls when you want to connect?
Want to feel good being more present and being rather than doing?

Your inner Lover… she's waiting.

Imagine a woman who feels comfortable - even sensual- in her own body. A woman who is not rushed by the doings and lists in the world, but by her own intuitive nature to be in the moment. A woman who nourishes and even indulges herself and because of it, walks around like a goddess -- with sincere desire to connect deeply with others.

In this free mini-workshop, we'll:

  • Step into the Lover energy with a visualization

  • Talk about her gifts and her shadows

  • Find ways to bring on our Lover energy when we need it

  • Craft a ritual to celebrate our Lover energy

It's just an hour-long and it's free! Just sign up for the link!

January 31 | 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern


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