The Power of the Archetypes Series: The Mother


Birth and nurture your desires with the Mother archetype.

Need more self-compassion?

Want to make those big dreams a reality?

Feel like your inner Child needs some live and nurturing?

Let's tap into your loving Mother energy.

Imagine a woman who connects with what she truly wants and goes through the labor of birthing it and nurturing it in the world. She lives with it day and night for an entire lifetime. She is able to hold compassion and care for what she grows. She is a healer and listens with intention and best intentions. She provides the comfort and hard love depending on what's needed for your best interests. She completely loves you and wants you to fulfill your true potential.

Let's meet the Mother energy in you at this event.

In this free mini-workshop, we'll:

  • Step into the Mother energy with a visualization
  • Talk about her gifts and her shadows and how we balance them
  • Find ways to bring on our Mother energy when we need it
  • Craft a ritual to celebrate our Mother energy

It's just an hour-long and it's free! Just sign up for the link!

June 26   |   12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern


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