The Power of the Archetypes Series: The Warrior

Take action, make (loving) boundaries & trust your own strength with the Warrior.

Do you find it hard to get yourself motivated to take action? Maybe stuck in analysis paralysis?
Do you find yourself afraid to make boundaries in relationships or try to avoid conflict?
Want to feel like you can trust yourself to take the right actions?

Your mature inner Warrioress… she's waiting.

Imagine a woman who feels comfortable - even strong - when expressing her needs and wants. She manifests what she wants with actions and focus. Her dreams come true because she is consistent and persistent. She is also the protector. She takes action to ensure safety of herself and those she loves. She only uses the amount of force or energy necessary and doesn't waste time on things that she cannot change - she finds her way around it strategically.

In this free mini-workshop, we'll:

  • Step into the Warrior energy with a visualization
  • Talk about her gifts and her shadows and how we balance them
  • Find ways to bring on our Warrior energy when we need it
  • Craft a ritual to celebrate our Warrior energy

It's just an hour-long and it's free! Just sign up for the link!

March 21   |   10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern


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